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Big Data is considerably new technology, but is growing faster than any technology trend in history. The rising capabilities of this technology are challenging technologist and marketers to profitably leverage the power of data. The Big Data market is still very fractured and immature, there are hundreds of small- and medium-sized companies with brand new solutions, and every single one of them have similar messaging.

Many companies start by being opportunistic, Innominds started in 1998 by realizing the endless opportunities present in the technology sector. The venture started as a high-end application development outsourcing company. Specializing in servicing companies known for innovation, including large software and hardware manufacturers, Innominds quickly matured and added solutions and accelerators to its repertoire. Over time these solutions matured and by the beginning of 2018 Innominds offers three fully productized innovative offerings:

  1.  A platform for Big Data analytics (iFusion Analytics)
  2.  Hardware edge devices (Kiteboard), and
  3.  Software test automation (Harmony)

At present, Innominds has over 1000 employees in six offices around the world, over 50 active customers, and released over 100 products a year for its customers. The company has delivered more than 30 projects in Big Data for various verticals such as HiTech, Telecom, Healthcare, Construction, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing.

iFusion Analytics: An Integrated Big Data as a Solution (IBDaaS)

iFusion Analytics was created by leveraging the first-hand experience in the field building dozens of Big Data solutions over the past decade.  iFusion Analytics is a unique platform that enables enterprises to focus on their business objectives. Innominds has assembled a set of features that accelerate and/or automate the facets of Big Data projects that take the most time from personnel with the most valuable skills. The team at Innominds calls this Integrated Big Data that connects seamlessly to an enterprise’s information assets and unlocks value.

iFusion Analytics is all about Collecting, Connecting, Storing, Analyzing, and Automating all forms of enterprise data.

Collecting: iFusion is a single tarball installation enabling customers to easily install a fully open-source Big Data solution complete with collection infrastructure. The product includes data processing algorithms to automate transformations the data may need when it is collected.

Connecting: However iFusion Analytics does not need to collect all the data it analyses. UI-driven features enable customers to point to existing data stores and automatically interrogate the data types and formats.

Storing: iFusion Analytics includes a full open-source Big Data stack to store data in a variety of forms (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) to align with the type of data and business use-case for that data. As users collect more and more data the online storage costs will increase, iFusion reduces this by use of an in-built archiving capability.

Analyzing: iFusion Analytics includes over 30 data processing and advanced analytics algorithms optimized for cluster performance, all out-of-the-box to accelerate clients’ time to insight. This forms the basis of a Data Scientist workbench that optimizes the time of some of the most valuable skilled personnel.

Automating: This may be the biggest difference that enables companies to get the most out of their data. iFusion Analytics includes a workflow engine for all aspects of the Big Data lifecycle. Jobs can be scheduled to collect, prepare, process the data, run appropriate models, and with integrations perform actions on remote systems. This enables businesses to run autonomously, accelerating processes that previously required humans.

A Technologist Focused on Human Values

Divakar Tantravahi co-founded Innominds with guiding principles of focussing on customer needs and their success, and providing a platform of freedom and growth for employees. With Mr. Tantravahi’s experience in high technology and providing services to large innovative companies, he knew he could provide extraordinary value to these companies with the contacts and associations he had globally. He also knew he could provide a sound environment for growth and experience to these same contacts and associations. This all led to the creation of a leading service provider that has the the core values of Excellence & Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Valuing Individuals, Teamwork, Customer Success, and Innovation.

Mr. Tantravahi has been leading the company for more than a decade, and ensures that Innominds stays ahead in the technology curve while following the core values of the company. Being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Tantravahi advises the younger generation to be aware of the implications of the technological creations. He further asserts, “The younger generation may have an advantage of growing up in a data-driven world and being able to see new opportunities with this perspective. We would advise the next generation not to forget the human factor when creating Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies. Those who do not create technology just for the sake of technology, but rather by focusing on the final human outcome will be the most successful”.

Satisfying the Needs of Clients

Innominds has an extensive range of development disciplines spanning across devices, applications, and analytics. This breadth of experience helps the team of Innominds to understand their client’s perspective when it comes to helping them face the challenges every product innovator faces.

Innominds offers co-creation services to enterprises for building solutions utilizing Digital Technologies, Automation, and Agile & DevOps across all stages of their product life cycle. Innominds is uniquely positioned to provide accelerated solutions through its service offerings combined with its accelerators.

Furthermore, a significant factor behind the success of the company is the team’s tendency to listen to the customers and understand their business problems. “Another major factor is enabling employees to solve these problems. This all goes back to the founding reasons and core values of the company,” shares Mr. Tantravahi.

Future Focus on IBDaaS

Innominds differentiates itself by focusing on solving business problems and creating the business value, as opposed to the technical details of how the product works. Analytics as a Service is a new business model and is expected to grow exponentially. iFusion will bring scalable business solutions as a service that create better customer experiences, optimize operations, manage risk, prevent fraud and improve supply chain efficiencies. These ready to use solutions embed known data sources, native collectors and connectors, customized algorithms and optimized storage. As enterprises (CIO/CDO/CMO) are moving  away from on-premise infrastructures to cloud infrastructures and saving costs, they will also be looking to accelerate solutions and embrace pay-as-you-use services for solutions. This type of service in the Big Data solution space is known as Integrated Big Data as a Solution (IBDaaS). Innominds iFusion Analytics has the ability to provide Big Data Solutions as IBDaaS.


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