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Big Data currently comes in many forms and with each vertical market or application the manner in which it needs to be processed becomes equally diverse. The biggest challenge with big data is not just the 3Vs (volume, variety and velocity), but it is the inability to move or access the data in real time. This inability prevents enterprises from utilizing the integral capabilities of Big Data. However, Bay Microsystems, with offices in San Jose, CA and Germantown, MD, enables their customers to access data wherever it resides as if it were local to enable near-real-time collaboration. The company leverages their innovative and patented IP to allow their clients to move data between or among locations with deterministic, lossless performance, bridging the gap between enterprise or cloud storage systems across regions, nations or the globe.

Bay Microsystems was founded as a high-performance semiconductor network processor company. This privately held company initially focused on US Government by developing network processing solutions and delivered mission-proven performance by regularly moving 90+ TBs a day on a 10G, 20,000km link. In 2012 Bay introduced its Intelligent Bandwidth Exchange (IBEx)–WAN gateway appliance–solely for the US government enabling geo-scale operations with sites distributed across the globe. The company recently extended their product portfolio by adding latest generation of appliances – the FX-series and the Max Data Xchange® (MaxDX TM); and these solutions enabled them to secure their first commercial customer.

“We take the distance out of data, we allow you to access data without moving it, and we change the math of anyone’s assumptions about compute, storage and networking.” These words by Harry Carr, CEO and President of Bay Microsystems, sum up how exactly the company is empowering businesses around the world. He further commented, “In a GDPR world, our ability to allow data to be operated on without having to move it is more differentiating than ever.”

Transformational Leader with Extensive Experience

Harry has spent his entire career helping customers to use technology to solve business problems. Along his journey, he held responsibilities of CEO and COO in several units within both Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial-driven private/public technology startup companies. He has raised more than $500M for startup companies and led successful M&A deals and corporate integrations. Harry has also been an owner of some private businesses and an advisor to several early-stage startup companies.

The business leader holds a B.S. in Finance from Fairfield University and a J.D. from The University of Connecticut School of Law and has extensive experience on both the service provider and technology equipment provider sides of our business. Harry chose to join and lead Bay based on his belief that Bay’s technology is uniquely capable of transforming fundamental assumptions about how networking, compute and storage can be optimized in public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.  By basically virtualizing the walls of data centers, Bay delivers highly deterministic, lossless, reliable and scalable performance necessary for mission-critical applications to  succeed in the cloud.

Solutions Unleashing the Power of Big Data

The mission of Bay Microsystems is to empower businesses with geo-diverse locations to unleash the value of their distributed data assets by providing fast, efficient access to, and, when necessary, transfer of any data with unparalleled performance. This data solutions company is fulfilling its mission by providing advanced solutions, which includes the FX-series and MaxDX products.

Bay’s FX-series leverages high performance computing technologies to achieve location-independent extensions of concurrent, multiple LAN fabrics across any multipoint network configuration.. FX-50 can be configured for a flexible LAN and WAN configuration using 2xFDR InfiniBand, 2x40GE and 6×1/10GE interfaces. Whereas, another product from FX-series, FX-100 supports a higher density of speed-selectable interfaces (up to EDR InfiniBand, 100GE) and switching (600Gbps non-blocking) delivering a scalable and power efficient system for hub/aggregation sites.

The MaxDX solution tightly integrates the FX product with a high performance parallel file system, converged compute and high-speed storage and a robust GUI (MaxDX Manager™) for seamless integration into existing data center LAN and MAN/WAN infrastructures. It enables a unified data platform across virtually any distance instead of requiring multiple point products tailored for specific workflows. MaxDX enhances existing workflows and even enables new workflows for a variety of vertical markets such as media & entertainment, life sciences, financial services, oil & gas, manufacturing and government.

MaxDX Manager is an integral part of the solution and provides administrators, operators, and customers a web-based GUI to monitor health and performance and configure multiple MaxDX nodes across multiple sites within the converged environment. Installed with MaxDX, it enables easy management and monitoring of infrastructure resources and data level operations enabled by the solution. MaxDX Sync™ is a flexible file synchronization and backup software installed on the MaxDX platform, synchronizing data between any MaxDXs.

Team Committed to Performance and Reliability

Since 2006, the company has overcome several hurdles with its technology leadership and cutting edge solutions. However, Harry asserts that the success of Bay starts with its people. Most of the engineering team has been with the company for most of its existence. Since Bay began by supporting the US government’s mission-critical needs, Bay’s team has always been committed to developing unparalleled product capabilities with the level of reliability and performance not achievable by others.

The Challenges in Front of Bay

The biggest challenge Bay faces is the market’s willingness to accept the status quo and the erroneous belief that certain data movement, management, access or processing can’t be done in an efficient, lossless or deterministic manner over a wide area network. As a result, most potential customers don’t believe that Bay can do what they have been doing for a decade or more already. With the growing adoption of Direct Connect services in hybrid clouds and the decreasing costs of fiber interconnects, Bay is confident that the market will recognize the more effective ways to manage large amounts of data.

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