The 10 Most Prominent Personalities in the Security Industry, 2018

While hybrid or multi-cloud adoption may cause short-term security concerns, modern cloud-native security companies will help make security and its operational elements easier and more effective,” shares Tim Eades, when asked about the current scenario of the industry. Tim is the CEO of vArmour, a Silicon Valley-based leading security solutions provider company.
Shadman Tanjim SECUPENT
Shadman Tanjim: Developing High-Tech Cyber security Solutions with SECUPENT
Today’s digital world is getting bigger with the developments like ...
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Manoj Tandon Dark Rhino Security
Manoj Tandon: Supporting and Enhancing Clients’ IT Security Life Cycle with Dark Rhino Security
In today’s digitally advanced industry scenario, cybersecurity is a foundational ...
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Jeremy Murtishaw Securing Networks
Jeremy Murtishaw: Securing Networks with Detection, Containment, Isolation and Eradication of Cyber Incidents
Cybercrime is a menace! Not only for individuals connected to ...
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Francisco Maia Cloud Infrastructures
Francisco Maia: Restructuring Cloud Infrastructures To Ensure Secure Data Transmission, Storage, And Processing
According to the Co-founder and CEO of SafeCloud Technologies, Francisco ...
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Ed Adams Digital Frontiers
Ed Adams: Guarding The Digital Frontiers
Today’s software doesn’t exist in isolation; it rather operates in ...
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Experts Insights

VerseOne Digital Transformation
VerseOne Digital Transformation
Both within the private and the public sector rightly there’s ...
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VR Helping Property Developers
‘Unusual’ Ways VR is Helping Property Developers in Australia to Deal with Market Fluctuations
Just like anywhere else across the world, the ebb and ...
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Facing the future

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Lead Feature

Augmented Reality & Its Impact In the World of Industries
Augmented Reality & Its Impact In the World of Industries
Came from a science-fiction concept to a science-based reality, Augmented Reality (AR) ...
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