Francisco Maia: Restructuring Cloud Infrastructures To Ensure Secure Data Transmission, Storage, And Processing

Francisco Maia Cloud Infrastructures

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According to the Co-founder and CEO of SafeCloud Technologies, Francisco Maia, security in today’s increasingly digital world has many facets and each of them is very sensitive. One of the most critical aspects is the personal data privacy because it possesses great importance in the development of the digital industry. Without privacy, people have no freedom and every service used in digital space is gathering information about the user and using it in a stealth mode.

Legislation such as the GDPR tries to address some of these concerns, but the problem is deeply immersed in the everyday lives of individuals. The main issue is that people live in a very heterogeneous society where inequalities are larger than ever before. This is particularly true for the understanding of technology, its impacts, and inner works. The problem of lack of privacy is still not fully understood by a large percentage of the population. Therefore, working on private by design systems is an important step towards a truly free digital world and an important tool for minimizing inequalities.

Francisco’s Unique Approach in Security Digital Systems

Despite all their advantages and importance of cloud infrastructures to the competitiveness of modern economies, there are fundamental questions related to the privacy, integrity, and security of offsite data storage and processing tasks. Additionally, there are major privacy and security concerns about data located in the cloud, especially when data is physically located, and processed. These questions are currently not answered satisfactorily by existing technologies. Considering these important aspects of data security, Francisco Maia is working towards integrating secure data transmission, storage, and processing in SafeCloud Technologies’ clients infrastructures.

Francisco obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto, MAP-i Doctoral Program in Computer Science in 2015 and his Ph.D. work was focused on DataFlasks, an inherently scalable and resilient data store specifically designed for very large scale systems. Francisco designed this project entirely on unstructured gossip-based protocols and is able to cope with very high levels of churn and faults.

Personal Journey towards the field of Security

Francisco was attracted towards working in the field of security mainly because of the combination of two things, first was the realization that there was a serious problem with how data privacy is being continuously disregarded in the design of every virtually digital platform and as a consequence, how people’s individual freedom is at stake. The second one was the fact that in many cases, the technology to solve some of these challenging problems already exists. It is up to application and product developers to bring such technology into usable products and systems.

Secure Solutions at SafeCloud Technologies

At SafeCloud Technologies, Francisco and his team have developed a set of data storage and data processing solutions to allow secure and private data management in the cloud. He focuses on compliance with legislation such as GDPR providing the technology to develop systems that are private by design and that give back control over data to their rightful owner. Also, the team of SafeCloud Technologies has developed a secure workspace technology, which allows synchronizing and securing files over multiple devices and the cloud without ever disclosing such files contents to cloud providers. Additionally, the leading Portugal-based company provides SQL and NoSQL database management systems that allow private computation in the cloud. Using these performance-packed solutions, data is protected using state-of-the-art privacy-preserving techniques allowing data to be stored and processed in cloud infrastructures without having to disclose it to the cloud provider.

Francisco and his team leverage all this technology to help companies trying to secure their infrastructure, migrating to the cloud or even assessing their degree of GDPR compliance. This includes analyzing different technical solutions ranging from mobile app development to large scale distributed systems, identifying potential issues and proposing solutions, which they help to implement.

Building Own Path to Find Unique Opportunities

The dynamic CEO of SafeCloud Technologies asserts that it is important to walk on own path and remember that it is self-responsibility to take any decision and any risk, although others can inspire individuals. Following these thoughts, Francisco considers that SafeCloud Technologies is still building and he is constructing it as a team. In his professional journey, there were many people who have inspired Francisco for different reasons, but he is the person who figures his own path and tries not to follow a single person’s path because history is not to be repeated but to be made.

A Team with Multiple Skills Helping Francisco to Tackle Challenges

SafeCloud Technologies is all about the team and its enthusiasm in solving hard problems. The energetic CEO of the leading security solutions provider company is able to gather a team with a wide range of skills, who enjoy working together. This allows him to tackle some of the really hard problems of today’s digital systems including large-scale data management, data protection and security, and distributed coordination. SafeCloud Technologies offers specialized consulting services in these areas, which whenever required, include tailored software solutions and hands-on collaboration with clients.

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