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Today’s digital world is getting bigger with the developments like the IoT, Industrial Control System, Robots, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Fin. Tech, Blockchain, Smart Cities, and many more. As these digital technologies connect gadgets around the world, people need more mature security practices to protect their privacy. Almost every day, new vulnerabilities are attacking digital devices with various types of malwares, and advanced attack strategies. Most of the businesses, governments, and citizens are fully depending on digital technologies, therefore, without a powerful cybersecurity solution, cyber-attacks can destroy these organizations’ valuable database. To mitigate such problems, one needs to have proper security setup and awareness about cybersecurity.

Being originated in Bangladesh, Shadman Tanjim, a young entrepreneur and the CEO of SECUPENT is delivering high-end security solutions who understands clients’ demands and provide innovative solution for cost and secured operation. SECUPENT provides cyber protection from future threats and restores digital system from any sorts of security hazards. Alongside, SECUPENT also delivers website and network security solutions with 100% accuracy as well as competitive price.

Shadman’s Journey of Turning Passion into a Leading Business

Since his childhood, Shadman was keenly interested in technology. Following his interest, Shadman completed Computer Software Engineering from National Institute of Information Technology. While pursuing his education, Shadman developed extraordinary skills in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. It was the beginning of his career in cyber security industry. He started his professional journey as a CTO of TraceMyFile, a file protection and storage company.

In November 2013, Shadman established his own business SECUPENT, a cybersecurity-based company, which received early stage traction followed by its registration as a corporate company in 2015. Taking inspiration from this early success, Shadman continuously strived for the betterment of SECUPENT. Today, SECUPENT works for many small and medium scale enterprises to large-scale organizations and governments. In addition, Shadman is an official member of the OWASP Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization in the United States. It is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted. All of the OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

SECUPENT’s foundational objectives include: to secure the modern internet, which will enhance customer’s efficiency and become user-friendly, build next-generation security solutions focusing global internet security vision, and create new technology and innovation for global cybersecurity.


Clients come to SECUPENT seeking solutions through innovative application of existing technologies focusing on customer’s satisfaction. Its knowledge based technical team is capable of delivering end-to-end solutions to address the problems that received excellent appreciation at clients end. SECUPENT’s unique security solution is exceptional due to its innovative process and best practices in addressing issues. Over the years of successful ventures, SECUPENT has been developing innovative cloud-based solutions and services, analyzes client’s needs to recommend the best and appropriate technology for successful implementations.

SECUPENT is excited about the opportunities that the future holds, driven by innovative technologies in a connected world. It has always viewed technology as an opportunity to assist its clients in a better way, providing significant impact on their organization. To achieve its goals, SECUPENT strives to combine business and industry knowledge with disruptive technology to fuel growth while optimizing processes, costs, and efficiencies. SECUPENT believed on long-term relationships with its clients through its strong sense of commitment and reliability.


Shadman Tanjim has worked in cyber-security area since 2010 and later formed SECUPENT as a Company in 2015. Today, it is a dependable Internet security provider in national and international arena. SECUPENT received an award from the Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Service in 2015 and after that they were selected as Connecting Startup Top-50 winner in 2016 and Champion in Basis National ICT Award 2017 as Best IT Security Company in Bangladesh. SECUPENT received APICTA 2017 2nd Merit Award as Best Security Product (SECUWALL) in whole Asia Pacific. In 2018, SECUWALL also get award from Info Security product Guides awards in Silicon Valley.

SECUPENT’s High-end Cyber Services Backed by AI

With the vision to provide the best solution for their clients, Shadman and his team of SECUPENT always try to fulfill client requirements with their product, services, and partner solutions. SECUPENT provides complete Managed Security Services and develops cyber solutions according to market demands. In the service area, the Bangladesh-based company offers Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Forensic Investigation, Remote Security Operation Center, DevSecOps, and Managed Security Solution. Its most advance Penetration tests are based on SaaS, PaaS, IaaS platform, including SAP Penetration test, Custom ERP Solution Penetration test, DDOS, and DOS protection tests. SECUPENT’s Incident Response services enable user to access the experience and technical expertise, which in turn accelerates incident investigation and containment in the system. In case of the already infected systems, SECUPENT detects all attacks and restores the system in operational situation. Likewise, the leading cyber security company does forensic tests and log tests on clients’ systems to identify risks, which helps them to make secure strategies for future protection.

SECUPENT has its own security product, SECUWALL, which is AI-based WAF, IDS, and, IPS solution for servers. The multiple awards winner cyber security solution was made by using high-end technology and real-life hacking experience. It can protect the user from cyber-attacks and visualize cyber-attacks and possible incidents related to cyber-threats. Moreover, the AI-based product has the ability to create its own defense mechanism to provide advanced protection from cyber-attacks.

Standing Ahead of Competition with Customer-centric Solutions

Shadman doesn’t believe in competition, instead, he tries to build best security solutions for customers. With the SECUPENT team, Shadman always focuses on customer demand, choice, upcoming security challenges, and real-life hacking scenarios. Learning from their customer feedback, SECUPENT team continually tries to improve their offerings. This approach helped the leading cybersecurity company to gain clients’ trust. Bearing the Total Quality Management (TQM) in mind, SECUPENT delivers the most accurate, complete, and cost-effective website security solutions available in the security market. Shadman tries to give his best and also supports his team to develop the finest cybersecurity solutions. He believes that smart hard work can conquer any difficult problem.

Mentors’ Valuable Guidance Helping Shadman Handle Difficulties 

Shadman gives credit to all his parents and mentors for mentoring him with their precious advice and support. With their life experience, Shadman’s mentors helped him a lot throughout his professional life by suggesting him proper ideas, which he utilized to build a successful career. Furthermore, Shadman has two role models, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He wants to do innovative things in cybersecurity similar to his role models did in their respective fields. Following his mentors and role models, Shadman is continuously developing SECUPENT’s solutions to enhance user experience.

Shadman’s Future Predictions about Cybersecurity

Having regular exposure to cybersecurity, Shadman believes that cybersecurity will affect every area of human life in upcoming years. From Smart Homes to Smart Cities, handheld devices to Industrial Control Systems, personal use to the organizational use, people will need cyber security solutions to protect their systems. The future cybersecurity solutions will be based on individual customer’s demand. Furthermore, Cyber-weapons powered by AI will make cyber-criminals more powerful. Additionally, attackers supported by various terrorist groups will be active in almost every country with their own cyber army. Such terrorist activities can lead the world to large cyber war, which will create a high demand for advanced cyber weapons. To avoid these extreme scenarios, one needs to be fully protected at every stage of digital space.

SECUPENT is maintaining the upmost ethical and professional standards, responsibilities with the valued customers/organizations and business associates all over the world. SECUPENT’s workforces are highly efficient, well organized and extremely motivated to meet the client’s needs.

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