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Jeremy Murtishaw: Securing Networks with Detection, Containment, Isolation and Eradication of Cyber Incidents

Jeremy Murtishaw Securing Networks

Cybercrime is a menace! Not only for individuals connected to a network but every size organization. No one expects to be the victim of a virus, data breach or worst a ransomware attack. But it’s nearly impossible to avoid security threats forever. We live in a generation of “digital data” where individuals and organizations alike need to be secure 24x7x365. Cybersecurity requires active and continuous monitoring of network hardware and software from endpoint to endpoint.

Small companies may believe they’re not at risk of being hacked or have anything of interest to lose. Regardless of size, many companies have three things in common: 1) the misbelief that a security breach hasn’t happened, they’re too small to hack or it won’t happen to us, 2) the belief that one-time investments in security tools will keep them safe, and 3) they lack the Cybersecurity expertise to properly configure systems and tools they’re already using.

Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO of Fortify 24×7 who brings more than 28 years of IT infrastructure and security experience to the company says, “Such misconceptions immediately expose a company’s vulnerabilities to cyber threats.”

In an industry segment where skilled security experts earn more than $250K annually, affordability may be the bigger challenge. Fortify provides Cybersecurity analysis and customized solutions that help secure users from the risk of being exploited by Cyber-Attacks without the overhead of high priced security personnel.

As CEO, Jeremy is responsible for managing relationships with security partners and technologies that address cyber-threats now and in the future. Pulling double duties as CTO, he leads internal development, security research, the firms Security & Network Operations Center (SOC/NOC) and organizing personnel with strategic security backgrounds into Incident Response Teams.

Jeremy’s Inspirational Journey towards Leading Fortify 24×7

Jeremy is a seasoned entrepreneur with close to three decades of experience in the field of Information Technology. The captivating and jovial CEO brings a balance of technical and operational experience to network security and selecting the right personnel. Throughout his career, Jeremy always found the symbiotic relationship between technology and hacking fascinating.

This intrigue blossomed into an educational career driven by research in defending technology from being hacked. Throughout this journey, his research and dedication evolved, and he became a recognized industry expert in Network and Cyber Security Architect. Such versatility required crossing the chasm between hardware and software.

As a veteran Systems Architect, his teams developed software in the fields of Healthcare as an EMR Systems Architect where one of his company’s pioneered forensic analysis of data access. He’s also been an advisor and led development of enterprise applications that improved response times.

Jeremy’s background includes work with Fortune 500 firms like Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Mattel and Tech Data. He previously co-founded InvisiCorp as CIO, was the founder of CyPace and currently acts as Managing Partner at K & L Group. Since taking over as CEO he positioned Fortify 24×7 as a Founding Partner of emerging Construction Technology Standards at the BidForms Organization where his contributions focus on security requirements. His also advised the original team of 16 members to separate key components into a for-profit technology provider and non-profit industry association charged with establishing and adopting open technology standards.

The energetic CEO believes every employee is a team member and advocates continuous education to keep ahead of advancements technology as much as those who would attack and hack. He enacted strategic policies to ensure team members maintain training with the freedom and flexibility to help make a difference in the world.

Fortify 24×7’s Powerful Security Offerings

Under his rein Fortify 24×7 has become an award-winning and recognized Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) delivering a wide range of security products and services available to both individuals and corporations.

Fortify pioneered Threat Hunting as a Service (THaaS) and Deception as a Service (DaaS). Services include Red Team vulnerability assessments and penetration testing through the firms Security Operations Center (SOC) which is capable of meeting the performance requirements of any SLA.

The Incident Response Team (IRT) assist clients recover from a cyber-attacks and IT emergencies. IRT responds to real and suspected Cybersecurity incidents, including malicious attacks on networks, infrastructure and computing assets while tracing changes made by adversaries against the network by reconstructing the intrusion and looking for evidence of data exfiltration and malware.

Moreover, Fortify helps collect digital forensic evidence and clues that help in defense, restoration of services and documents evidence for legal investigations as an expert witness.

Preventing Future Attacks with IRT Methodologies

Jeremy and his teams are developing future-proof solutions that tackle worst case scenarios. When the IRT is positioned internally, company security experts leverage their knowledge and expertise to select the certified tools that combat the type of attack(er).

Fortify teams analyze recent activities, collect the evidence, triaging the damage and helping to seal the point of attack by identifying compromised machines being used to exfiltrate data. Unlike other forensic investigations, IRT operations are proactive with constant interaction and real-time client feedback.

Throughout its operation, IRT leads meet with clients to review cyber-attack details, component failure(s) and discuss how best practices in mitigating future issues.

They develop a roadmap and execution plan that can be implemented to enhance the resiliency of client infrastructures and computing environments.

Matching Rapid Security Developments to Enhance Customer Experience

IT infrastructure security must be proportionate to growth in mission-critical applications, said Jeremy Murtishaw. Continuing, “solutions should address the dynamics of service levels and business requirements to ensure scalability while safeguarding applications and data”.

To address these rapid changes, Jeremy assembles strategic teams to implement Fortify’s Managed IT Services as an extension of clients’ internal personnel who focus on business and operational support.

Leveraging best practices requires our security experts spend 40%-50% of their time staying up to date on industry developments. The objective is dramatic reduction in outages, improve MTTR and maximizing the value of existing IT investments.