Manoj Tandon: Supporting and Enhancing Clients’ IT Security Life Cycle with Dark Rhino Security

Manoj Tandon Dark Rhino Security

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In today’s digitally advanced industry scenario, cybersecurity is a foundational objective that every company should fulfill to preserve the trust between B2B and B2C businesses. When it comes to trust, every company needs to leverage its brand as a promise of quality, integrity, level of service, and trust associated with its products and services. For the purpose of building trust, cybersecurity is the key service which plays an integral role. Cybersecurity has to be implemented according to the business size and level of risk exposure from threat vectors. Where digital security is concerned, computer systems are the main target for criminals, and it can be predicted that the danger of cybersecurity breaches will increase in the coming future as companies to increase efficiencies by enabling employees to use and access company data in ever expanding ways. To recover from such cyber-breaches and their consequences, the right level of preparation and specialist assistance is essential.

Manoj Tandon, the Chief Sales Strategy Officer of Dark Rhino Security (DRS) is helping companies achieve their goals by focusing on significant and lasting beneficial changes to their security infrastructure. Manoj believes that a company’s technology optimization should support its business strategy and mitigate the company’s risk to an acceptable level.

Expedition of Constructing the Leading Security Company

Started as an Aerospace Engineer at a division of Cessna Aircraft, Manoj found his passion in the software and technology industry. As a result, Manoj has been doing business in software and technology since 1994. He has also previously worked on CA Technology and Services, Oracle EBS Services, and SAP BoBJ based analytical technologies for operations in chemical companies. Having the desire to be at the bleeding edge of technologies, the Chief Sales Strategy Officer of DRS was determined to make the transition back to the world of startups.  Only it had to be a Cyber Security Company with a strong vision utilizing artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies, which possess tremendous growth in the future. Once there is focus things happen in the world of entrepreneurs. Manoj in a conversation with Kevin Casey, who is a long time friend and serial entrepreneur, introduced him to a cybersecurity project that would differentiate itself using blue ocean strategy. That project today has become Dark Rhino Security. DRS became a reality in summer of 2017 and today is an international entity with offices in Dublin, OH, United Kingdom, and Madrid.

Covering Security Landscape with Managed and Professional Services

DRS is an experienced and premium cybersecurity consultancy with management consulting services for reducing risks using the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) approach. Likewise, the Dublin-based leading cybersecurity company provides strategic consulting and framework design for advanced AI digital security systems. Additionally, DRS offers managed security services tailored to the very specific needs of clients, ranging from monitoring to advanced detection and response. These comprehensive managed services include identity & access management, network security, endpoint security, intrusion response, cloud content management, cloud security, data loss prevention, mobile security, and managed SIEM. With DRS Managed Services, its internal resources focus on improving efficiencies and driving revenue for clients.

Leading Steps Ahead of Competitors with Hybrid Technology Solutions

In spite of relying on pure technologies, DRS security solutions are specifically engineered for organizations of all sizes, because the same size and solution approach do not fit for every company. Competitors of DRS relate cybersecurity with technological controls related to prevention, detection, and response. On the other hand, the global management consulting company is a few degrees separated from counterparts as DRS considers quantification of risks to give clients visibility and common insight of exposure of their organization to various threat vectors and attack surfaces. These actual insights enable DRS to assist clients on improving processes and procedures first and then implementing effective technology controls. If the risk and processes are addressed correctly, compliance will be a natural outcome and the controls will be necessary for reducing the risk to a level comfortable for the clients.

Utilizing Guidance from Mentors to Fight Challenges

Manoj gives credit to his father for supporting and providing strong guidance and direction in his professional education. Since his growing years, he had seen his father building a successful medical practice from scratch. Additionally, the dynamic Chief Sales Strategy Officer of premium cybersecurity consultancy has received motivation from his uncle, who built an aerospace company after leaving a job as a young scientist at NASA. Manoj feels fortunate to have a network of entrepreneurial friends who believed in him and supported him during hard times. He also realized that life should never be taken so seriously that one has to suffocate his dreams, visions, and aspirations. While handling the trials and tribulations that are a part of any venture, a leader needs to work with confidence and should avoid taking decisions out of fear. Many of these strategies came from Manoj’s personal life experiences. In reality, no one can guarantee a specific result and one has to put in place processes and accurate measures. If the processes are correct so will be the results. Opinionating about being an ideal leader, Manoj shares that a leader should listen to and empathize with others. Furthermore, a good leader should have the ability to pay attention to detail while holding a dispassionate view to make important decisions.

Manoj’s Visionary Thinking towards Cybersecurity

Having a vast professional experience of working in cybersecurity industry, Manoj shares his futuristic thinking about cybersecurity and says, “Like any early stage industry, cybersecurity is going through a growth spurt and there will be consolidations in the coming years amongst cybersecurity companies as the industry matures. The pace of this may be accelerated due to the strong movement to cloud which is impacting traditional hardware,and appliance OEMs, expanding heavily with services or contract into acquisitions. The biggest X-factor in the industry will be how AI systems advance beyond deep learning to integrated platforms to delivering real-time management by evidence systems.”

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