The 10 Leading Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions, 2018

In today’s disruptive world of technology, blockchain stands apart for its applicability across a wide variety of commercial sectors. While cryptocurrency and fintech related applications have received the most publicity, many experts believe that blockchain technology will soon power every data transaction in every industry, be it energy, agriculture, education, government services, personal ID, voting, or healthcare.
According to a 2018 report by Deloitte, 74% of respondent Executive Management Teams believe that there is a compelling business case for the use of Blockchain. Treehouse Technology Group (TTG), a technology strategy and software development and integration firm, is speaking to a dozen multi-national inbound prospects from Venezuela to Jordan to discuss how enterprise blockchain application development will benefit ….
limechain blockchain
LimeChain: Building Radical Blockchain Solutions For Startups And Corporate Clients
From technical development for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to full-fledged ...
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Kaleido Blockchain Business
KALEIDO: Blockchain Made Easy for Enterprise Innovation
Amidst all the hype, blockchain technology and its real world ...
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Elinext software
Elinext: Tailor-Made Software And Consulting Solutions At Your Fingertips
Until very recently, the prospects of Blockchain would typically be ...
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Expert Insights

enterprise internet
The evolving enterprise internet
The evolution of enterprise internet connectivity has been an interesting ...
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Investment Corner

Profits From Startup Investments
How Entrepreneurs Can Gain Huge Profits From Startup Investments ?
Investing in startup firms was something that was reserved for ...
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Technology & Social Media

Blockchain influencing social media
How Blockchain is influencing the Modern Social Media Networks?
Social media networks like Facebook and YouTube are the top ...
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