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10 Leading Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions

BurstIQ: Changing The Healthcare Industry Through The Power Of Blockchain Technology

In today’s disruptive world of technology, blockchain stands apart for its applicability across a wide variety of commercial sectors. While cryptocurrency and fintech related applications have received the most publicity, many experts believe that blockchain technology will soon power every data transaction in every industry, be it energy, agriculture, education, government services, personal ID, voting, or healthcare. As understanding and adoption of this technology grows, companies are beginning to see two possible futures.....

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Treehouse Technology Group: Delivering World-Class Value Driven Blockchain Solutions

According to a 2018 report by Deloitte, 74% of respondent Executive Management Teams believe that there is a compelling business case for the use of Blockchain. Treehouse Technology Group (TTG), a technology strategy and software development and integration firm, is speaking to a dozen multi-national inbound prospects from Venezuela to Jordan to discuss how enterprise blockchain application development will benefit their organizations. TTG is one of the few companies that have proven results within the Blockchain industry......

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The evolving enterprise internet

The evolution of enterprise internet connectivity has been an interesting topic since the early nineties in South Africa. Back then the main focus for internet...

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