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Amidst all the hype, blockchain technology and its real world impact is still very much in its infancy. Its true potential is still largely untapped and industry wide adoption has yet to cross the chasm. With such great promise, why aren’t we seeing significantly faster progress? As organizations have been struggling to move from blockchain exploration to real production business networks, Kaleido has formed a marquee partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and introduced its Blockchain Business Cloud. With its ability to help leading organizations across industries break through the hype and achieve real blockchain innovation, Kaleido has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Leading Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions for 2018.

Kaleido, Leading ConsenSys Enterprise Innovation

Kaleido, a ConsenSys Enterprise Business, based in Raleigh, NC, is dedicated to the growth and adoption of enterprise blockchain in ways that will transform how economic, social and political systems are built and supported in the future.

As a blockchain pioneer, Kaleido aims to make the adoption of blockchain simple for enterprises to unlock new possibilities previously out of bounds. Companies have been facing difficulties moving from initial PoC’s and pilots to real live production blockchain networks. Kaleido is changing that by radically simplifying and accelerating the entire blockchain journey. By this, customers can experience a new economic equation for their blockchain projects that will lower the cost, time barriers, and make real adoption the new reality. Kaleido eases the creation of the network, so companies can focus their energy on value added aspects of the solution– building the business logic, smart contract models and distributed applications.

Experience Leads the Way

With a deep and proven background, Steve Cerveny and Sophia Lopez (founders of Kaleido) maintain a hand in all things Kaleido, from business strategy to product design and development to hiring and day-to-day operations including business development. These two and the entire Kaleido team have immense expertise in enterprise and emerging technologies.

Armed with the experience of working with hundreds of companies and seeing where the difficulties in adopting blockchain lie, Kaleido was born and is the first to bring the dramatic simplicity of a Software-as-a-Service solution to the blockchain space. “What Salesforce did for CRM, Kaleido is doing for Blockchain” says Steve.

Offerings of Kaleido

In partnership with ConsenSys and AWS, Kaleido is bringing Blockchain and Software-as-a-Service together, offering a next generation cloud platform that advances well beyond the current generation of blockchain services, which are typically quickstart scripts and templates. Kaleido is the first AWS Advanced Tier Blockchain Partner and the first and only all-in-one Blockchain Software-as-a Service platform available in the AWS marketplace.

The Kaleido SaaS has a lot to offer,

  • Low cost of entry, low total cost of ownership
  • Insulation from the technology with integrated tools and a purpose-built experience
  • No infrastructure overhead, speed of development, test and deployment
  • Native integration with your cloud estate and multiple AWS services

Planting Their Feet Firm in the Enterprise Market

Kaleido has been growing rapidly since its initial launch in May 2018, serving up hundreds of new Blockchain networks every month and working with leading financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, manufacturing, entertainment, government and commercial institutions around the world on major blockchain projects. The projects span use cases including supply chain, land registry, IP rights, voting, reservation systems, loyalty programs, logistics, trade finance, genomics and more.

“Customers who are farthest along are those who have found promising applications for the technology and who don’t let the typical blockchain challenges distract them from achieving the business outcome,” says Sophia.

A good example is the Project i2i initiative based in the Philippines, where UnionBank and others are using blockchain to connect numerous rural banks into a new blockchain network to bring financial inclusion to 35 million unbanked Filipinos. Running on Kaleido, Project i2i launched its PoC targeting the remittance market with 6 banks participating including, Cantilan Bank, CitySavings Bank, Fairbank, PR Savings Bank, and Progressive Savings Bank.

One of the notable aspects of the project was that it took only 6 weeks to build, stand up and run the Blockchain network using Kaleido. That resulted in slashing the interbank payment transfer time from nearly 30 days to a matter of minutes and reducing individual process flows from over 20 steps to 6. In the final phase, Project i2i is targeting to on-board up to 2,000 rural banks to their blockchain consortium.

Solving the Enduring Problems

Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and companies are slowly but surely progressing from PoCs to Pilots, and are now accelerating towards production. Although proposing a new standard and process around Blockchain technology can be the easy part, the challenge can be getting everyone, including competitors, to agree on important details such as who will be in charge, how the system will be built, how data formats will work and what happens if someone wants to leave.

Steve shares, “What really makes blockchain so much harder for companies is the reality that the management of the network is shared by the participants. We call that ‘Shared IT’ and many organizations don’t see it coming until they are way down the path with their project.”

Kaleido has built-in governance tools and workflows to tackle the new ‘Shared IT’ paradigm helping consortia members agree on what they want to do and how. This also helps regulators assure that the systems can operate as planned, and helps to minimize systemic risks. Kaleido aims to accelerate blockchain adoption among enterprises on a global scale.

Message from the CEO’s Desk

Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud is one of our Leading Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions for 2018 promising to disrupt this status quo and radically simplify the path for building blockchain consortia; allowing organizations, like UnionBank and others, to rapidly realize the true production value of blockchain. Are you ready to do the same?

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