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From technical development for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to full-fledged decentralized applications (dApps), LimeChain, a leading blockchain solutions provider company stays on the cutting-edge of each service it offers. Being a part of that change is what fuels the team of LimeChain to innovate. Driven by the philosophy to pioneer the development of blockchain and building one of the most ground-breaking technologies to competently support its clients, LimeChain is united by its belief in the power of results and passion to create advanced blockchain solutions.

Appreciating the comprehensive blockchain solutions of LimeChain, Mirror Review interacts with Nick Todorov the Founder and CEO of LimeChain to gain in-depth insights into the company offerings. Here are the extracts.

What role does blockchain technology play in the commercial business sector? How receptive are the multinational companies and other enterprises about blockchain technology adoption in their working environment?

The few main characteristics of blockchain technology are what make it easy to be desired by people. The same traits, however, are its biggest limitations and also the reason why it’s still not so common amongst most of the corporations. Being decentralized, transparent, trustless, and irreversible are more than a spoonful of qualities for big companies to adopt. Today, blockchain technology is in its infant years and we are yet to see what it will bring to the table for companies and consumers. Last year was turbulent and polar, both in people’s perception and predictions for it. What we witnessed as a rough year still shows us that despite the number of barriers ahead of it, blockchain continues to revolutionize the world with a few industries at a time.

Tell us about your company and its unique range of services.

We at LimeChain are passionate about all things related to blockchain. Thus, we have a diversified portfolio of services. We have developed blockchain solutions, namely public and private blockchains, smart contracts, ICOs, and dApps. Currently, our team is developing four products, which we aim to launch next year. LimeChain also offers consultancy services, which helps business owners decide how and where to implement blockchain in their business model. Apart from these services, we also strive to grow and nurture the young community. This year, we started our pilot version of LimeAcademy, a blockchain academy, which so far has seen great success.

Who are your targeted customers? Which industrial sectors do you offer your services to?

Our diverse services have won us clients from various industries. We’ve worked with quite a few businesses, aiming to revolutionize the healthcare sector. Some of them want to transform and improve how medical research is done and database is kept. AI and machine learning companies have also reached out for our blockchain expertise. The travel and leisure, IP (intellectual property), supply chain, real estate, and the career sector are another bunch of industries that we’ve operated on and succeeded with.

Our readers would like to know about your personal journey. As a Founder and CEO of a leading company, what role do you play in its operations and growth?

As the CEO, my role together with the founding team is to set the strategic course of LimeChain, stay up-to-date with the trends in the industry, and react accordingly, so the company retains its competitive advantages to acquire new ones. As I believe in the “hands-on” approach, I try to be as involved as possible with all strategic areas and projects without being a bottleneck for the teams. There’s a thin line between “hands-on” and what is perceived as “micromanagement”, and having that in mind, I would define my main role as “business enabler” that makes it easier for the teams to reach their final goal. I have the privilege to work with exceptional professionals in their respected areas, so setting the right direction and removing all roadblocks is one of my top priorities and key to success for LimeChain.

How does your company stand apart from its competitors? What are your future targets and plans for LimeChain?

Apart from having a broad selection of services and a diverse clients’ portfolio, we stand out with two more assets. Firstly, the team of LimeChain is our most important asset, which works hard with our Lime-culture of mutual values, beliefs, and goals. Secondly, it comes to our products. They are second because they are the fruit of the collaboration of our Lime-team members. At the moment, we are validating LimePay, which helps users execute Ethereum transactions with fiat money. The next product of ours is Etherlime which is an open source tool for blockchain developers, for which we recently received funding from Ethereum Community Fund and ETHPrize. We also work on UniversalID which is a single wallet that can be used for different dApps. And finally, we are developing LimeTracker, a solution that enhances the supply chain industry as it allows you to track all your assets by providing transparency and traceability.

Tell us about your skilled team. How significant is their dedication and contribution for the growth of LimeChain?

As I mentioned above, our Lime guys and girls are the most valuable resources. They are our biggest accomplishment and every single thing we achieve is because of them and their immense efforts and dedication. Each of them is passionate about blockchain and its potential to transform and improve the world. This sets a baseline of common beliefs and values which is the foundation of our Lime-culture. In addition to that, everyone is excited and enthusiastic about their area of expertise and would always love to learn or teach something new.

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