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Until very recently, the prospects of Blockchain would typically be described in the future tense, however, the application of this technology these days reminds a lot about the early days of the Internet – the global network everybody is using now. Even though, the boundaries of the Blockchain technology applications have not yet been completely identified, the need for reliable Blockchain developers is growing. Moreover, the particularities of this technology are setting new developmental requirements and prompt, scalable solutions with minimum vulnerabilities risks. Elinext, a custom software development and consulting company, is leveraging Blockchain and other disrupting technologies for bringing digital transformation to mid-sized and large enterprises in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Retail sectors.

Elinext, Keeping On With The Promises

Established in 1997, Elinext started as a purely outsourcing company. On this day, the company has positioned itself as an expert in custom software development and IT-consulting business. They have offices in Minsk and Vietnam, and both their development and marketing teams are growing on a yearly basis. Being a software development firm, the company provides a whole cycle of services. Elinext has a specific way of getting things done; first, they start with the analysis of client’s requirements then proceed to specification development and architecture planning. Followed by the coding and finally, after all the tests, integration of the solution. Succinctly, Elinext is interested in long-term cooperation with their clients thus; the company does project support as well.

Elinext has a strong focus on delivering high-quality software solutions, which is assisting their hundreds of customers to become more efficient. Team Elinext helps their customers make their decision-making process data-driven and bring their big data into focus. Elinext is also working towards the rise in usage of containers and a further increase in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS determined by enterprise solutions moving into a cloud.

Strategist Behind The Success-Wagon

Project Manager at Elinext, Maxim Dadychyn, is a vivid learner who constantly craves to learn something new every day. He keeps up with the innovations by studying the industry trends, various articles, and studies. According to Maxim, to survive this fast-paced modern world with a do or die attitude, one must not solely rely on the previous experiences. This vision helps him designate a clear direction for the company. He is the strategist at Elinext.

Concurring Maxim’s views, the future plans of Elinext haven’t changed since 1997. The company’s main goal is to deliver solutions to help the clients grow their business, and consequently make a difference and be several steps ahead of the other players.

Services Rendered

Elinext covers a wide range of services to help their clients grow their businesses. The company’s services include:

– Custom software development;

– Enterprise app development;

– Web development;

– Embedded programming;

– QA consulting;

– ERP and CRM solutions;

– Big Data and IoT solutions;

– Mobile apps;

– Web solutions;

– QA and Testing

Qualities To Stand Apart

The key domain of Elinext that distinguishes them from the rest of competition is the enterprise software like CRMs, ERPs, ECMs, SCMs, or HRMs. They also develop Big Data and IoT solutions, like end-user apps, software for sensors and gateways, data analytics, and eCommerce. Besides, the company has plans to venture into the business intelligence services.

Elinext is aspiring to understand their clients’ business needs, evaluate their risks and outline the main principles of their business. The core values of Elinext are honesty, reliability, and commitment to innovation. They reckon their customers as partners: quite often, it is the quality, which their competitors lack.                                                                     

Serving The Clients With A Goal To Never Lose One

Elinext is dedicated to serve the clients with poise. To do so, it is important to understand the client’s core idea. This enables the company to get solutions that help by providing the tangible growth of a client’s business. The company thoroughly analyzes the list of requirements, so that no feature or detail is lost in the development stage. The personal acquaintance is also important, so the company encourages its clients to visit Elinext’s head office in Minsk. The company believes that knowing and talking to the client in person helps understand the client’s problem better. Furthermore, it adds a human touch to negotiations, which is crucial in any type of business.

The main aim of Elinext is to achieve the heart of the clients and their requirement to create a custom software masterpiece demanded in the market. Every member of their staff can announce that they minimize time to market, however, complicated the task is, they put all their thoroughness and energy in what they do and they make each endeavor a success.

Distinct Client Base

Elinext has a huge folio of clients including Siemens, Trumpf, CA Technologies, Procter & Gamble, and Transperfect. The current projects are under wraps for disclosure clauses. The company has very strict policies regarding disclosure, and has a right to reveal them only when they go live.

Sage Advice For The Younger Generation

According to Maxim, to stay afloat in this cutthroat competition, consistency is the key. These days, a lot of people dream of becoming IT entrepreneurs as it is very trendy and profitable. However, when push comes to shove, they don’t stand a chance because of their fear of failure.

The business is not for the faint-hearted individuals in the first place. It is hard to not lose sight of the goal and failures will come at first, for sure. However, eventually, once all the hurdles are passed, it proves to be worth every minute of the efforts.

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