The 10 Ingenious AR-VR Leaders 2020

“The world will keep changing and there will always be new challenges. The important thing is to learn from them and be prepared to face the new challenges that the future will bring,” says Sapnesh Lalla (CEO at NIIT Limited). Sapnesh, along with Dr. Gregg Collins (Chief Learning Scientist at NIIT Limited) are two of the best-known leaders in the AR/VR industry and have contributed greatly to NIIT’s strong growth in recent years.
Roberto Carpinteyro
Roberto Carpinteyro: A Strategic Problem Solver and a Successful Brand Builder
In the early 90s, marketing was not as much evolved ...
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Ran Craycraft
Ran Craycraft: How to Fail Your Way to CEO
Tired of the same old digital campaigns and reskinned apps, ...
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Oscar de la Hera Gomez
Oscar de la Hera Gomez: A Well-Disciplined Multidisciplinary Designer and Technologist
In today’s tech-savvy world, the importance of designers has become ...
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Michael Merron
Michael Merron: A VFX Artist Creating Mesmerizing Digital Spaces
The current pandemic has drastically affected several industries. One of ...
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Arvind Ghorwal
Arvind Ghorwal: An Experienced Campaigner in VR Storytelling Style
Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique in its own, but what ...
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Anton Kondrashov
Anton Kondrashov: A Supernova Geek Revolutionizing App Development Process
We are currently witnessing the era of revolution, with each ...
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AR-VR Creating Speculations post-COVID
AR-VR Creating Speculations Post-COVID
In the last few months, the world observed several changes—the ...
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Upcoming AR-VR trends

The Top 10 ARVR trends to watch out in 2020-2021
The Top 10 AR/VR trends to watch out in 2020-2021
The Top 10 AR/VR trends to watch out in 2020-2021 ...
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