Anton Kondrashov: A Supernova Geek Revolutionizing App Development Process

Anton Kondrashov

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We are currently witnessing the era of revolution, with each day several  complex problems are  reduced to  simpler solutions. In an era where simple triumphs all, how can mobile applications stay behind. The complex the UI the sooner application gets discarded. App development—may it be iOS or Android—is becoming one of the vital industry branches. Emerging in this industry with its positive attitude and integrated tech expertise is Workin Geeks.

We simply don’t know how to do a bad job. When you need something important done the right way…call a geek! Enjoy the rest of your day,” says the Founder and CEO of Workin Geeks, Anton Kondrashov.

Anton was in high school when he had to choose between a future career in Economics or Computer Science. Aware that he would get the opportunity to not only research but also create something out of nothing, Anton chose Computer Science. Soon he developed his interest in mobile applications, “I liked how they had visual side,” he said.

As he was leaning forward in his professional journey he noticed that most of the serious IT products are done by a set of different professionals in their areas of expertise. This also increased the complexity to connect the results of various parts. Throughout his career, he witnessed numerous examples of this failed process. “I thought I can bring my own vision and create my own culture with a group of other great software engineers,” said Anton. This led to the establishment of Workin Geeks in 2018.

The First Application Developers

Over the years, Anton has focused on increasing his expertise and knowledge, while also continued to enhance the mobile development process. Having a keen interest in AR-VR technology he has managed to be on the list of prominent AR-VR leaders today. Currently, Anton is awaiting the launch of Apple AR glasses as the course of their technology sounds promising. “I want our company to be one of the first application developers for these glasses,” said Anton.

While we all await the launch of the avant-garde tech of tomorrow, our team engaged in an intriguing conversation with Anton Kondrashov. Further, he has discussed the approach Workin Geeks undertook amid the COVID-19 outbreak and his POV on the situation. Here are the snippets,

  1. How has the COVID-19 outbreak altered the operations of your industry and do you these changes will stick with us for the long term?

I certainly noticed the short-term changes, but as for the long-term I think it’s either too early to say or the changes are not so big. It is true that due to the lockdown the clients’ activity certainly shrinks but as I can say—from international experience—the businesses go on with their activities and investments as lockdowns get canceled. As for mobile AR-VR, I can’t say there is an acceleration of growth. For example, I see many CV’s of software engineers who have experience in that area. However, I think the trend to explore the development in augmented reality persists as more and more really sophisticated projects appear. Mostly not due to COVID-19.

  1. So, did the COVID-19 affect you and your company?

It certainly did. Due to the lockdown we got ample of time on our hands to improve our services and see things in new light. We have enhanced our marketing strategies and learned a lot about our actual potential clients. Thus, we have set the bar even higher for current and future employees. Also, we found new areas where people have needs to fulfill. One such discovery was casual game development. We only developed apps for businesses before.

  1. What makes Workin Geeks one amongst the prominent leaders of the industry?

I think it’s our experience with embedding machine learning algorithms directly onto mobile devices which is rare in the industry. To explain it further, you may have seen how Apple has announced a Translate application that works without a network connection. Our team of Workin Geeks has been successful in achieving the same. We can do similar things and already proved that by practice. We embedded TensorFlow AI models to recognize the custom alphabet of symbols on the device. That way they don’t need to be sent via the internet and everything is calculated without latency.

  1. Could you walk us down your roles and responsibilities at Workin Geeks?

As a founder of the mobile development company, I try out the new processes that we need to establish before they get implemented by other people. For example, at the moment I’m focusing on the sales department that we want to improve. At the same time, my co-founders continuously research the possibilities to use the latest technologies for our clients and our team.

  1. In this difficult time, how have you managed to keep yourself and your team motivated?

I think honesty is the main motivation for us. We don’t try to sugarcoat the situation, instead, we just continue trying to innovate. To be honest we tried different ways of adapting during the lockdown and most of our experiments failed. But those that didn’t fail showed us a way to improve. I would advise that even when everything around tells you to just use the most stable approach known still experiment with your ideas. Consequently, the team’s morale grows as they see that we can succeed by trial and error.

  1. Lastly, would you like to mention any of your forthcoming solutions or plans?

We have recently introduced Unity Development in the process. We still focus on mobile and web applications but now we can do them using Unity. This way they will become cheaper in some cases and a broader set of tools will be available when developing for AR. Apart from this, as mentioned earlier, I and my team await Apple’s announcement for their smart glasses.

Anton Kondrashov

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