Oscar de la Hera Gomez: A Well-Disciplined Multidisciplinary Designer and Technologist

Oscar de la Hera Gomez

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In today’s tech-savvy world, the importance of designers has become more than ever.  A designer these days means more than just working with graphics. They can be a slew of different things –a web designer, ceramic designer, user-experience designer, textile designer, object designer, interior designer, etc. While many prefer specializing in one area or another, some multidisciplinary designers can offer extra benefits to the clients thereby making the work more engaging and cohesive.

Oscar de la Hera Gomez (Founder and CEO at delasignTM), is one such award-winning multidisciplinary designer and technologist. Oscar wanted to run his own company since he was merely 10 years old. However, it wasn’t until 14 years later that he knew he wanted to dedicate it to Creative Design Technology. This decision built up as he pursued MEng. in Mechanical Engineering and MFA in Products of Design – that inculcated in him the ability to think, create, and execute anything that he could imagine.

His skills were first reflected during the Products of Design × MoMA partnership in the form of the Illusion Spinner and the Ambi Chopsticks and Holders. However, he was set in stone while working with R/GA. Consequently, upon arrival from Portland after working on the Apple Watch Nike+ in 2016, he established delasignTM—a design and technology consultancy that creates intentional, seamless experiences. It consults on and executes design, technology, and strategy contracts for renowned clients including the Museum of Modern Art, Apple & Nike and many more.

As the Founder and CEO, Oscar helms multidimensional roles in the company. He treasures the work and makes sure it is done precisely. Besides, as employees play a crucial role in any organization’s success. Oscar ensures the recruitment and management of trusted talent. Alongside, identifying the importance of client retention, he also takes care of his clients. Oscar has been instrumental in driving the company towards growth since its inception.

Our team of Mirror Review had a compelling conversation with Oscar to come across his journey with delasignTM. Here are some snippets from the conversation.

Would you like to share some notable feats from your exceptional career?

At delasignTM, we created a platform that allows people to create Augmented Reality (AR) without coding called Artzy followed by an ARKit Super-started project called the Artzy Opensource Camera. Moreover, working with Sportradar on a product that partners with the NFL, developing Beats Tempo with Firstborn, and M·A·C Innovation Lab with Valtech are the peaks of my career.

Furthermore, I have won awards, nominations, and shortlists from recognized institutions including the Cannes International Festival for Creativity, Industrial Designers Society of America, The CLIOs, The One Show, Webby, The Creative Review, and Core77. I have been named as one of Spain’s emerging designers at ICFF Talks 2017 and have served as a judge for organizations such as the One Club for Creativity, the International Design Awards, the A Design Award, the FWA, and the Webbys.

What led you towards the inception of delasignTM?

I pursued MFA in Products of Design from the School of Visual Arts, New York before working for R/GA as an Associate Software Engineer and Creative technologist. With an aim to work with the Museum of Modern Art I initiated my entrepreneurial journey and founded delasignTM. While working in this field I noticed the negligence towards a multidisciplinary approach, the limitations of budget and scope, and lack of motivation in the industry. This inspired me to enhance the services of delasignTM further.

How does delasignTM distinguish itself from its peers?

Our Augmented Reality capability is informative and successful. However, more than the final solution which consultancies or agencies could execute, it is how we craft the outcomes, futuring by design in a fashion that sets our clients and projects up for exponential future success. Moreover, we work with multidisciplinary folks who cover end to end over people who do a strategy without research or a design without understanding. Besides, we design, prototype, and scale in a way that you are iterating upon the existing system.

What is your take on the disruptions made by the COVID-19 pandemic? How has it affected you and your company?

The pandemic has certainly caused several changes in the way businesses are operated. Due to the lockdowns and social distancing norms, people have moved to remote work and are working in their own time. As more people stay home, the demand for digital solutions has also increased thereby boosting the world’s digital transformation. Conversations about the need for touchless technologies have also opened up due to the digital boost.

For us, the transition was smooth as we have been a remote company since inception. The only thing the pandemic affected is my love for working with partners at their offices as well as serving as a constant reminder that it’s fundamental for our mental health and ability to communicate to leave the house and be around others.

What is your motivation mantra to cope with the pandemic situation? Are there any upcoming projects that we should anticipate?

We see the pandemic as an opportunity to challenge the norm. In these times, those who strive harder, get further faster. We have applied this to our clients as well as our own work. Apart from this, we have recently assisted Valtech in the launch of the M·A·C Innovation Lab. Furthermore, in our downtime, we have been focused on programming our learnings of augmented reality, focusing on hands-free technology as we believe the next frontier is an interface that reacts to gestures and sounds rather than touch. Please visit sanshands. app to stay up to date with the product.

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