Roberto Carpinteyro: A Strategic Problem Solver and a Successful Brand Builder

Roberto Carpinteyro

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In the early 90s, marketing was not as much evolved and most of the companies offered traditional marketing services. These marketing strategies were limited to print media. However, with the introduction of the internet in the mid-90s, every industry underwent rapid change and growth. The marketing companies were utilizing the tools provided by the internet and revolutionize their approach. Looking back we will realize just how far we have accomplished with modern marketing and it makes us wonder what we have to discover and learn. Though we are at the very beginning of modern marketing, we’ve certainly made leaps and bounds of growth from print marketing to interactive tech integrated marketing strategies.

Looking at the growth demographics it is surprising to witness a company that would have survived all the changes that the marketing industry experienced. This brings our attention to Polar Multimedia which was established in 1994—established at the same time when the internet emerged. The creative agency was established to heed the requisite creativity in Mexico and LATAM. Where other companies fail to adapt to the changes, Polar Multimedia was swift to adopt the transformation and has been embarked on a successful journey of 27 years.

A Coach, Player, and Mentor

Roberto Carpinteyro (CEO and Creative Director) has been a big part of the successful journey of the company. Roberto is fluent in creative positioning and strategy. He is well versed with the experience for execution across the entire marketing and creative process. Likewise, he leverages his expertise to drive results for the business category, brands, and business objectives. Roberto is also well recognized as a strategic problem solver and a positive partner for all management teams. As a leader, he supervises the creative process to ensure on-time and on-budget results.

He brings the spark of creativity, experience, passion, and enthusiasm to businesses that need it, but are not getting it. “I relish creating big ideas for businesses—not necessarily just for big established brands. Brand integration is second nature, whether starting from scratch or taking established brands to the next level or even higher,” said Roberto.

Roberto Carpinteyro holds an award-winning reputation for consistently maintaining high standards of execution and attention to detail in all aspects of digital creation. So, we engaged in an interesting conversation with the strategic problem solver to understand the dynamics of the industry and how has the pandemic affected the sector. Here are the snippets,

  1. Was being one of the early establishers of the marketing agency beneficial for the firm?

We were established at the same time when the internet emerged so, we had to grow and evolve on the go. Today, in perspective, I think it was the best time to be born in the communications industry because we did not have prejudices or ingrained customs about the best way to do things, from the first day we get used to learning and it is natural for us to continue doing it.

  1. What are the unique services that Polar Multimedia excels at?

Quoting the very attached to reality phrase: “in the world, everything has already said, but since it was not always heard, it is worth saying it again.

So we know that we are not discovering the Mediterranean, but we are offering new tailor-made experiences by an interesting combination of technology and new apps. Our expertise relies on the implementation of AR, VR, AI, among others, within BTL advertising achieving a more certain impact on the brand’s engagement with its consumers. Our business models, creativity, and service have earned us the successful years and important praises in the advertising industry.

  1. Having an astonishing journey of 27 years, are there any awards or accolades you’re proud of?

During our trajectory, we were recognized by our clients as a creative extension of them, and in many cases, becoming indispensable to achieve their objectives. Although we are not an agency that frequently participates in festivals we’ve been awarded different recognitions such as Diseña México, a! Design, and some awards of the pharma and travel industries, as well as expo exhibition, stands, websites and magazines. The unique achievement that makes us particularly proud is our POLAR logo has been published several times as one of the best in the design industry.

  1. Did the COVID-19 outbreak affect the services of Polar Multimedia?

I believe evolution is the key. At Polar we evolve, we have been doing this for 25 years, adapting to market conditions and available technology.

Though 2020 brought few changes in the business model, it has also accelerated the demand for the digital needs of the future. At the beginning of the pandemic, companies were faced with the immediate need to keep in touch with their consumers, at this stage it was very noticeable that they were not prepared for this immediate change, so they began to abuse the use of email blasts until they fulfilled their trays. Furthermore, several audacious companies implemented remote activities for employee engagement but failed in execution.

All of the above gave us the perfect opportunity to solve the problem through AR and VR applications, effectively supplying the face-to-face meeting. This became a favorable scenario for developers like us.

  1. How are you dealing with the challenges put forth by the pandemic for the employees?

As soon as the lockdown was announced we equipped our team with the hardware, furniture, and high-speed internet for their home-offices. Due to this, we were able to achieve the development of new ideas and their implementation became so fun and delightful to develop, test, and experience our brand new solutions as a user. Also, we used our fully functional prototypes to give a digital immersion that allows people to forget temporarily the pandemic scenario.

Additionally, we implemented extra rewards and incentives to our—mostly millennials—staff for the brainstorming for this new reality.

  1. Have you outlined any roadmap for the future?

I think it has been established—considering the pandemic—that predicting the future is very difficult. Although, the tech advancements in AR, VR, and AI are fairly new and will require a few years to develop further and increase its adoption. Likewise, several companies have specific communication and process automation needs that we’ll be able to solve with these advancements. Thus we will continue to train and hiring staff with new skills to become an opinion leader agency.

  1. What would you advise the aspiring, especially considering the recent global changes due to the pandemic?

I am convinced that the world has changed forever, no matter how much we want it, it will not return to the way we lived it. The best we can do is start creating this new world from now on, we have the golden opportunity to be the guides for customers in this new reality if we learn to adapt our services today.

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