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Rohde & Schwarz Launches IP Probe R&S Net Sensor OEM for Network Analytics

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The new software will provide flexibility

Rohde & Schwarz company ipoque, which offers the best quality network analytics software IP probe R&S Net Sensor OEM. Created for flexibility, scalability, and adaptability it meets all the requirements of network analytics and cyber-security dealers. This also helps system integrators, regardless of set up and uses it for their benefit. This year’s Mobile World event at Los Angeles will see the launch of leading-edge IP probe which is created using the technology of deep packet inspection.

The business dealing with network analytics is facing high traffic and constraint budget, but the communication sector needs up to date solutions that are customized to their needs. The market scenario is very critical introducing IP probing system might turn out to be ineffective and risky at times. The third-party IP probes need tremendous effort to integrate it into companies own system.

The new OEM software IP probe offers a lightweight and adaptable solution to meet the requirement. The dealer now can include customized probing function without worrying about development headaches. This will enable them to use time and money on another side of the business.

The DPI engine is used in creating the technology

The company is offering best in its class DPI engine R&S Pace 2 and a fast packet-processing library based upon the R&S Net Sensor OEM, which will allow the business to get real-time visibility in plain and encrypted network traffic. The update comes every week to keep it in line with the system.

The company is riding high on open APIs, flexible data export function and dedicated teams. The R&S Net Sensor OEM is designed such a way that it can be adapted into any analytics solution without a fuss.

Drik Czepluch, CEO of ipoque said, “We understand the need for network software and equipment vendors. Developing probing functionalities in-house takes a lot of time and effort. We had 14 years of experience in IP traffic analytics and gladly offer our expertise as a customizable solution that allows vendor to save costs and turn network data into intelligence.”



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