Oracle Expanding Employee Base in Cloud Computing to Enhance Its Services

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This will sharpen the competitive edge of the company

Oracle is looking forward to employing more than 2,000 workforces. This new ploy is to aggressively push cloud computing services in different regions across the globe. The move will not only sift the business upward in finance, sales and other operations and also enable the company to compete with other cloud computing giants such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Oracle is planning to incorporate 20 additional data centers in different regions by the end of 2019. This will offer customers to securely store their data, disaster recovery and will be compatible with regional data storage laws. The cloud computing service provider at present owns 16 data centers, 12 of them initiated in the previous year only. The company is considering Chile, Japan, South Africa and United Arab Emirates and some places in Asia and Europe to be the new locations for the data center.

The market is booming as everybody is fighting for their share

The company has 136,000 full-time employees, out of which 18,000 are continuously engaged in cloud services and operations related to licence support. The cloud market is very competitive. The business houses are paying a fortune to make their critical data safe rather than building their own data centers. The market growth for cloud computing is estimated to cross 38.9 billion by the year 2019.

Right now Amazon is leading the market, but Microsoft is pro-actively catching up. Google and IBM are also spending their resource to capture the market. Don Johnson, VP of Product Development said, “We are driving this very, very aggressively. We are very rapidly converting what’s a complex footprint to be a very simple footprint. Everything everywhere runs on our generation two cloud infrastructure.”



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