Red Hat Cloudforms 4.7

Red Hat released Cloudforms 4.7, New Hybrid Cloud Control Tool

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This new version of CloudForms claims deeper integration with the Red Hat Ansible Automation software stack.

About the new version

This new version of CoudForm is set to give additional integration with Ansible Automation and will help in making more Ansible capabilities available within the CloudForm. CloudForms Management Engine is a prominent component of ClodForms 4.7. It is designed to help streamline and simplify IT management across hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

With this new version, Red Hat workflows could be run directly from CloudForms. It also has new integrations with Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) and Lenovo XClarity. The integrations will help users manage physical as well as virtual infrastructure. Even multi-cloud infrastructure could be managed using a single solution.

Added features and advantages

Red Hat CloudForms offers the insight, control, and automation enterprises need to address the challenges of managing virtual environments. This technology helps to improve control and visibility. It also helps to build and operate virtual infrastructure.

This version is integrated with system management, tools and processes, event consoles, CMDB, RBA, and web services. It has control over security, compliance, alerting, policy-based resource and configuration management. It will automate IT process, task, and event, provisioning, workload management, and orchestration. Moreover, it will have insights to discovery, monitoring, utilization, performance, reporting, analytics, chargeback, and trending.

What VP said

Joe Fitzgerald, Vice President of management at Red Hat, said, “While migrating applications to hybrid cloud infrastructure has become a priority for many enterprises IT organizations, effective management across physical, virtual and private cloud infrastructure remains a key building block to fully adopting hybrid cloud. Red Hat CloudForms 4.7 provides a necessary stepping stone for organizations seeking to harness public cloud services in tandem with on-premises infrastructure, enabling users to gain increased control over data center environments while providing a unified and consistent set of management capabilities for disparate on-premises resources.”

About Red Hat

Red hat was established in 1993 and its corporate headquarter is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Company provides open-source software products to the enterprise community. Since establishment, Red Hat has created, maintained and contributed to many free software projects. IBM publicized its intent to purchase Red Hat for $34 billion on 28th October 2018, making it as the biggest Linux and open-source acquisition deal.




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