Johnson & Johnson buy Auris Health

Johnson & Johnson is about to buy Auris Health

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Auris Health Inc. is a surgical robotic technology manufacturing company and J&J may buy it at $3.4 Billion.

Auris could also get an additional payment of $2.35 if it reaches certain milestones.

Auris, the pioneer in the field

Auris Health Inc. is a prominent company that makes surgical robots largely for lung cancer treatments. Auris’s CEO Mr. Fred Moll, who has founded Intuitive Surgical Inc., a pioneer in robotic laparoscopic surgery tools, started his robotics company in 1995. The main focus of the firm is to tackle Lung cancer. Company publicized its Monarch platform last year. This allows physicians to access small and hard to reach lung nodule for diagnosing. Monarch is designed in such a way that it uses endoscopy procedure to insert a flexible robot to reach hard to reach places in human body. Doctors have to use video game style controllers to navigate inside the body using 3D models

The deal to bring changes

Auris will be taking part in J&J’s medical-devices division. Johnson & Johnson already owns a robotic surgery company named Verb Surgical Inc. and now the Auris. The deal will help J&J to develop digital tools for diagnostics in lung cancer especially. Auris has developed tools that detect lung cancer earlier as they can reach into lungs to conduct a minimally invasive biopsy. J&J said that the Monarch platform will play an essential role within the lung cancer initiative within the company and Auris’s technologies will be used to support company’s approach to open, robotic, and endoluminal surgeries.

What authority said?

Ashley McEvoy, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s medical devices division said, “In this new era of health care, we’re aiming to simplify surgery, drive efficiency, reduce complications and improve outcomes for patients, ultimately making surgery safer, we believe the combination of best-in-class robotics, advanced instrumentation and unparalleled end-to-end connectivity will make a meaningful difference in patient outcomes.”

While Dr. Moll said, “We’re thrilled to be joining Johnson & Johnson to help push the boundaries of what is possible in medical robotics and improve the lives of patients across the globe. Together, we will be able to dramatically accelerate our collective product innovation to develop new interventional solutions that redefine optimal patient outcomes. This combination is a testament to the incredible work of the Auris Health team and the innovation engine behind the Monarch Platform, which represents a huge step forward in endoluminal technology. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of intervention with the added expertise and resources of the world’s largest healthcare organization.”




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