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Perrone Robotics Test of AVNU Confirms the Capabilities of the Autonomous Vehicle

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The vehicle was used in public transits to check its credential effectiveness

Perrone Robotics Inc. (PRI) had made a partnership with Albemarle County and has finished the test run of Autonomous Vehicle Neighbourhood Use (AVNU) which is done to demonstrate free public rides. The test shuttle names as Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle is working on industries’ best perception and guidance capabilities that PRI has put together.

The vehicle has performed well during the test as it was done on the public transits which are full of cars, bikes, and people crossing the road. The autonomous vehicle is set on the Polaris GEM e6 model with PRI’s To Navigate You (TONY) autonomous transit tool. This will be used in several vehicles in the future.

The positive response from the public is positive

Paul Perrone, CEO, and Founder of Perrone Robotics said, “We are thrilled to have fielded the first open road autonomous shuttle here in Virginia, giving members of the public safe and smooth rides with zero incidents and zero safety interventions through complex intersections and traffic. Through our partnership with the County, we were able to demonstrate autonomous transport to enhance the mobility and utility of riders is visible now in a typical American community. We have automated over 29 different types of vehicles and operated them for over 33,500 autonomous miles over the past 16 years in the US and UK.”

The autonomous vehicle test run occurred in Old Trail residential areas of Crozet, Virginia. The vehicle travels through public transit to check its worthiness in crowded roads. It saw the performance of the vehicle on the track and on the road.

The response from the passengers been good, many of them were quite amazed by the service of the autonomous vehicle which was used to take them to dine, shopping and some other places. This test validates the autonomous vehicle performance and in the future, it will be implemented in larger vehicles.



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