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How to Verify Account on Any Online Service without Using Your Mobile Phone Number

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Verification by mobile phone number is becoming a more and more popular feature every day. It has now been implemented in more than a quarter of websites and apps. There are different purposes for its use. For example, this is a great feature for user identity verification. In addition, it helps to limit the registration of multiple accounts and, as a result, reduce the number of fraudsters on the platform.

However, this is not only about something good. If certain online service requires potential users to go through this process, it means that those who don’t have an available phone number will be unable to create an account with it. This situation is definitely frustrating, but not hopeless. You can buy an online phone number and utilize it to sign up for the required platform regardless of its kind facing no difficulties.

The technical side of online phone numbers

The most popular question among new users regarding such numbers is what they are technically. For example, if they are similar to regular phone numbers or just a set of digits with no real application.

The answer is simple. In general, online phone numbers are regular numbers that just work over the internet. They have the same number of digits as well as country dialing codes and function in the same cellular networks under existing mobile providers. The only difference, as we mentioned above, is that they are used on the web. There is no need to go anywhere in order to purchase, activate, and utilize them. It is done through appropriate websites and apps.

This remote access feature means not only that numbers can be operated at any time of the day, but also from anywhere in the world. Whether you are located in India or in the US, using them won’t be a problem in any case, even if it is needed to receive SMS online China. You just need any device with an internet connection and some free time to complete the necessary steps.

What services are supported for registration?

Most often online phone numbers are designed to be disposable and suitable for use solely with a certain platform. Because of this, some potential users wonder if they can operate them for registration or account verification on specific websites and apps, which is unnecessary.

One of the best things about online numbers is their almost complete resemblance to regular numbers. So, they are suitable for the same purposes and accepted by every service that allows verifying a mobile phone number. Social networks, instant messengers, forums, dating apps, payment systems: online numbers are compatible with all these and other platforms.

Where to get the number?

Currently, there are many options for obtaining online phone numbers. You can choose from hundreds of websites and apps that offer them. But make sure to choose a service with high-quality numbers and affordable prices as not every platform offers that. Below we will explain how to get online numbers with SMS-Man, which is one of the most popular and reliable companies in the industry:

1. Sign up for an account on

2. Replenish your balance using a suitable payment method from those that are represented on the recharge tab.

3. Select the country where the number will be issued on the homepage of the website.

4. Scroll the page down and use the search feature to find a service for registration.

5. Purchase an online phone number by clicking on “Buy SMS”.

That wasn’t difficult, was it? Now everything there to do is use the online number you bought for the intended purpose. For this, copy the purchased number, enter it into the verification field on the appropriate platform, and request text message with a one-time password. Then, when the code is received, use it to complete the verification of your online phone number and thereby create or verify an account.

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