Silicon Carbide Microchip

E-mobility to get Boost from Bosch’s New Silicon Carbide Microchip

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The new chips will improve the range quite significantly

Bosch is in the process of developing a new silicon carbide microchip that can generate electricity significantly better. The new chips will provide the improved range, cut down the size of the batteries and reduce the energy losses due to heat.

This latest news is very consoling for the people who want to ride e-bikes for a longer period without charging their batteries again and again. The company is investing mind-boggling 1 billion euros to get this advances microchip technology. It will make e-bikes and cars manufactured by Bosch go the greater distance while the battery size will go down.

These new chips are carved out of silicon carbide that Bosch has come up with. It is taunted as an extraordinary material that will reignite the speed in power electronics. The cars and bikes that run on semiconductors are normal these days, but the conductivity will increase after the introduction of these technological superior microchips. These chips enable greater switching frequencies and dispense less heat.

The production of the microchips will start in 2020

“Silicon carbide semiconductors bring more power to electric motors. For motorists, this means a 6 % increase in range,” informed by Harold Kroeger of Bosch. He also said, “It all begins with addition carbon atoms, which are introduced into the crystalline structure of ultra-pure silicon used to manufacture semiconductors. The chemical bond created in this way turns the semiconductor chips into a real powerhouse.”

The company was quite positive about the fact that its new chip will make batteries small and will not compromise on the range. The new predicament can save lots of money for the company in the future. The investment made by the company in this future tech is the biggest in the history of the company and the production to go online in the year 2020.



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