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A peaceful end to the long term dispute between Google and Amazon

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Dispute between the big market player Google and Amazon

Amazon and Google are the big players in the market and know their technology better. With more and more technology coming in market, the competition between them is also increasing. Amazon has its own platform where they provide video services and Google needs no introduction. The on and off relationship between them was talk of the town for many years and now is till matter of keen interest to many technology buff and market enthusiasts.

When the dispute actually began: the story of dispute 

The dispute began since 2015, when Amazon refused to sell Google’s Chromecast video and audio-streaming dongles.  Following that event there were many other events which made the dispute uglier as both the parties started blocking and refusing each other’s services and products. This was sad as it impacted many customers at large, when Google stopped many of its services. As a result, it affected Amazon devices were not able to present next video recommendations, subscriptions and other features, but were later resorted.

In 2017, the intensity of the matter increased when the search giant pulled YouTube off from Amazon’s Echo show smart screens and also pulled fire TV range. Later in December 2018, the matter seems to be have resolved when Amazon began selling Chromecast products again on their website.

It’s the end of truce 

The long running dispute now finally came to its end, as both of them have drawn a line where they agreed to provide their on-demand video services on each other’s TV platform. Now, Amazon’s prime video app is available on Chromecast dongles and also is coming to Android-powered television and set-top boxes and Google has finally launched an official YouTube app for Fire TV devices, and also promises to launch child-centric YouTube Kids edition in upcoming future.


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