ARES Outdoor completes acquisition of outdoor apparel brand THLETE, LLC

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Good news for all the outdoor enthusiasts

ARES Outdoors is well-known brand for those who loves to spend some time outdoors doing some actions. Good news from them is ARES outdoors has now completed acquiring all the assets of THLETE, LLC. 

THLETE is an online retailer who is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling of hunting and outdoor apparel which is not only the best but also the most technically advanced products that are available in current market.  They have a huge collection of the products that includes hunting clothing where the “Deadfall” known for its camouflage pattern and is made with some of the best fabrics and material available in the business.

“ARES is excited to acquire THLETE,” said William Spalding, president of ARES outdoors

When questions were asked to the president of ARES outdoors, In an Interview about the acquisition and how he is feeling now and for the future. He gave some positive responses to all the questions, where he said, “ARES is excited to acquire THLETE as it is a valuable brand and they are also looking forward to increasing the investment to expand its product offering and growth in the business.” Further, he added more to this statement where he indicated that, the company is very pleased to have worked with Mike on the transaction.

He also appreciated the Mike by saying, “his enthusiasm for hunting and his knowledge of the hunting and outdoor apparel business are evident in the superior quality and the functionality of THLETE’s products. Both the brands know and understand the customers as both have a similar vision for outdoor enthusiasts.

When similar questions were asked to Mike Zaudke, the founder of the brand THLETE, he had similar opinion where he said, “I set out to create gear for people who love to hunt, and my passion to drive innovation and quality for my customers will always live in the THLETE brand.” Further, he said, “This is an exciting new chapter for THLETE, and I am excited for the growth of the brand and reaching more passionate consumers who love to hunt and value quality.”

THLETE products are now THLETE outdoors

ARES is planning to acquire and invest in all the leading brands in outdoor segment, said Spalding. After the acquisition all the THLETE products will be marketed by ARES through a new subsidiary named “THLETE Outdoors, LLC.” However, the purchase price and other terms related to acquisition were not disclosed.



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