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Modern Age Women Are Leading The World With A Balancing Act

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A renowned Amercian attorney, Geraldine Ferraro righteously quoted, “Some leaders are born women.” A career driven woman is often judged harshly for her choices and priorities. However, the male dominated world cannot understand the number of sacrifices she has to make or the responsibilities she has to fulfill.

A woman is not just a daughter, wife or mother, but she is all of the above and much more. Is is possible for a woman to have a successful career, be a good wife and dedicated mother? The answer to this question is affirmative. She can excel in all these roles and also have a stand of her own. Society often comments on whether a woman can find a proper balance between professional and personal life or whether she has to choose one out of the two.

It is mostly about a woman’s ability to handle both personal and professional lives in sync. This is the beauty of a woman’s nature to create a wholesome and peaceful environment for people involved in her life. In addition to this, she also has a right to dream and fulfill her goals.

It is not mandatory for every woman to have a career or becoming a wife or a mother. It is about individual choices. If a woman desires to stay at home, look after the family and have children; then there is nothing wrong with it. But if she wishes to have a career as well as family life, in that case it is achievable as well.

If a woman wishes to follow her heart and start a new business venture or become a scientist, then she can grab every opportunity that comes her way in order to fulfill her dreams. Nothing or no one can stop her from achieving it. One can have both career and family life along with social network and personal space.

It is not easy to maintain everything harmoniously. One can employ various strategies to create a career-family space. Following are some pointers that are often followed by many successful career women.

  1. Adjustments & Adaptations

There are times when women cannot devote their entire time for a job. This may be due to taking care of newborn babies, ill parents or attend unavoidable family matters. The basic objective is to welcome changes with an open heart. Otherwise, one can easily destroy the peace and harmony of the family life. You don’t need to close the doors on your full time careers. Rather, tutor your mind to adapt and adjust to the change for the time being.

When all the obligations and responsibilities reach a satisfactory level, regroup yourself and begin working again as per the requirement of the career. The more flexible a woman becomes in her choices, the better results she gets.

  1. Erecting The Boundaries For “Me” Time

Taking out time for yourself and indulging in one’s hobbies can be very satisfactory. Once a week switch off the phone or turn off the notifications for emails and official network and indulge in yourself. You need some time for yourself to fuel up your energy levels.

Take a long walk or read a book by your favorite author or have a get together you’re your friends. This will grant you peace, happiness and positive state of mind. It will automatically refresh and charge you up for the upcoming responsibilities on both the fronts.

  1. Accepting Changes

Due to long hours devoted in respective careers, an entire family is not able to spend quality time with each other.

One can start a dinner ritual where all the members of the family gather and have dinner. Parents can switch off their phones to avoid distractions and discuss each others day. This creates a healthy space for the family to spend some quality time together every day.

Many a times, you have to deal with personal matter at work or vice versa. There are no specifications or location limits where you cannot solve a personal matter at work or devote some extra time to job related issues at home. This is called the art of flexibility and accepting the changes as they come.

  1. Maintaining A Close And Deep Relationship

One must establish a solid bond with their partners. Their support and level of adjustment plays a crucial role in a woman’s life. An emotional and personal support on the family front can work wonders for a woman’s self confidence. This also involves respecting the woman and her choices.

Having a close knit group of friends who enjoy each others company can help you relax and unwind from the hectic and daily routine. Maintaining a loving relationship with parents and in-laws can provide you guidance for any obstacles in life.

A newly married woman with a career can follow the above guidelines and can manage both personal and professional life. Similar strategies are applicable to new working mothers as well.

To conclude, there are innumerable articles, blogs and quotes on women describing their qualities, their leadership skills, vulnerability, emotions, strengths, weakness, etc. However, we do not find such articles on men discussing their traits or flaws. In the old days, women were often suppressed or neglected. All the restrictions were exerted on them and their freedom was controlled. In the 21st century, even though there is the presence of some male dominance, women have drastically changed the working and living scenario. They have started fighting for their own rights, freedom and choices. Women are proving to be better leaders than men. Hence, never underestimate your power to lead and dream. Only women can don on various hats with different roles and still pass with flying colors.

Mrs. Anuja Mulmule (Content Writer)



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