10 Must Have Characteristics to become ‘Numero Uno Leader’

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Phil Jackson has rightly quoted that, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Every success driven team leader should know the best attributes and qualities of each and every member of his team. However, knowledge alone cannot do justice, rather bringing out the best traits of these individuals is very important.

One cannot expect every single employee to possess all the tricks of the trade, nevertheless, it is mandatory to construct a team of employees who can stabilize and compliment each other through their distinctive skills and expertise in all the areas. Similarly, every leader should possess the following attributes to become number one in his/her career.

1. Clarity

The job of a team leader is to have undivided attention on a task at hand. It is very easy to get distracted or lose oneself at work. However, the key to maintain clarity and focus at work is to prioritize the tasks from the beginning. This will automatically filter the issues from top to lower priority levels and save time. This will also automatically, increase the productivity and outcomes from the tasks.

2. Zeal

If an individual, irrespective of his/her position is not passionate about work, then he/she should immediately opt for something that makes them energetic and happy beyond words. This zeal for one’s occupation defines their growth and rate of success. Hence, it becomes an absolute necessity to work in a profession where one is passionate about.

3. Dominance

The word dominance is often termed as negative. However, in the world of rat race, it becomes very important to assert one’s dominance over their own opinions and decisions. This also means that one should stick to their committed statements, even in case of failure. When it comes to making changes for a team, the leader should be able take assertive and bold decisions. He/she should be fearless and dominant about the goals and the route for its achievements. Such level of assertiveness and confidence will aid the team leaders to tackle any problem, small or large with high success rates.

4. Conclusive

Every day task of a leader is to make key decisions. These decisions should be solely based on weighing the pros and cons rather than taking impulsive steps. Each decision  have a long lasting effect on the company/ project/team. Hence, it becomes important to possess the quality of decisiveness.

5. Appreciation

The performance of an employee largely depends on the amount of support and appreciation provided by the leader. One needs to be unbiased while promoting an employee irrespective of his/her personal equations. It is important that the leader shows trust in the judgements made by the members of the team and exhibit high level of respect towards them.

6. Self-assurance

In order to drive a successful team, it becomes necessary to have confidence in oneself and their own decisions. If a leader shows indecisiveness, then employees become fretful and begin to question their own judgement. This can be highly detrimental in the long run for any business venture.

7. Correspondence

This is one of the most valuable asset that a leader should possess. Daily meetings, discussions and updates on work front channels productiveness. Communication is the whole and sole key to maintain proper decorum and maintain high energy levels in the team members. An introvert team leader has no role in running the business. It is an absolute must have trait that allows a person to correspond in a positive way even at times of failure. A leader should form a positive rapport with every single employee so that they can feel free to discuss any work related issues with him/her.

8. Consciousness

A leader should be self aware about his/her strengths and weaknesses. One should be strong enough to accept their faults and be flexible enough to have an open mind to changes. A leader should be ready to accept changes in his/her personality as per the demands of the situation and time.

9. Modesty

Successful and powerful leaders are down-to-earth, simplistic in their approach and humble in their attitude. Employees feel a high degree of comfort level with their bosses who make them feel comfortable and ready to lend an ear without any judgement. This helps the work environment to be argument free and pleasant.

10. Sincerity

Lastly, leaders should be sincere and honest in their working style. They should be upfront with their team and communicate the same traits that they believe and follow. Even in times of failure, leaders should come forward and take charge of their responsibilities and decisions. This kind of honest approach sets a healthy example for all the other team members.

Not every person with authority and power can become a good leader. Influential leaders are those who can possess and follow the above ten must have traits, not only on their professional front but also in their personal lives. These qualities if followed by any career driven person, he/she can reach the pinnacle of success. The employee can soon become an employer in no time. This requires strict control on oneself and strong believes to emulate the above qualities.

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