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The 4 Latest Mobility Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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The Last Mile hit headwinds during the COVID-19 pandemic and ended up selling its U.S. assets in an auction. Subsequently, Bolt Mobility, co-founded by Usian Bolt, acquired the assets of the company for a credit bid of $3 million. Bolt Mobility is a Miami-based company and is looking out for expansion in nearly 48 new countries.

Bolt Mobility was created in 2018, with an aim to revolutionize the transportation industry. However, the company was affected negatively due to the global pandemic as similar to other companies.

Bolt Mobility rebounded from its loss after it began to partner with local operators. The latest scooter is equipped with dual brakes, 10-inch wheels, LED lights, and swappable batteries with 25 miles of range. The surfaces of the handlebars of these scooters have NanoSeptic surfaces whereas the brake levers are truly designed to rid these common contact points of germs and bacteria.

This raised the popularity of mobility and indeed there has been an upsurge in the demands. Many organizations are working to reduce traffic congestion thereby promoting cleaner, healthier modes of transportation all around the world. Due to the development in mobility, there will be ever-rising trends in the mobility industry.

The top 4 mobility trends to look out for in 2021 are:

  1. Road Diet:

mobility trends

Road Diet – a lane reduction or road rechannelization, makes the transport easier. This consequently benefits cities that are converting car-centered streets and parking lots into public spaces for mobility. Bike paths and sidewalks are being expanded and prioritized with public transport. This trend has been enhanced because of the corona pandemic.

  1. Delivery bots:

mobility trends

The coronavirus pandemic threw light on the delivery of goods and groceries. There will delivery bots to populate the streets and sidewalks for delivering parcels. These deliveries not only highly efficient but also extremely hygienically. This will thereby revolutionize the entire logistics chain.

  1. All-Inclusive Mobility:

mobility trends
Mobility products such as cars, bicycles, or public transport make seamless mobility. The aim is to pick people up exactly where their mobility begins and ends. This bundling works not only digitally via an app, but also in the physical space.

  1. Autonomous Cities:

mobility trends
Day by day, autonomous mobility is becoming a reality. The cars are expected to have extensive autonomous capabilities along with the digital functions. The new technical realities which do not necessarily require human drivers have proved to be beneficial to the mobility services and the public transport.

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