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Jeff App Transforming the Tech-Based Laundry Franchise in the U.S. Market 

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Key Highlights

  • Jeff, a  tech-based laundry franchise introduced contactless pickup and distribution of laundry.
  • Entrepreneurs opened 185 locations worldwide between March to December 2020.
  • The business is having strong support from three exclusive technology products.

Jeff planning for business diversification

Mr. Jeff starting a laundry franchise infused with cutting-edge technology. It has modernized the repetitive job of laundry in more than 30 countries by providing a seamless 48-hour home collection and delivery. Smartphone app-based operation revealed today that it is extending its thriving franchise into the United States.

Contactless laundry in the US

The US-based laundry provides a simple and convenient laundry solution. It is perfect for today’s busy customers searching for laundry without person-to-person contact. After the customer places the order through the app, the laundry bag is retrieved at the customer’s home. The order is handled at Mr. Jeff’s store. And the clean clothes are sent to the customer’s home within 48 hours. Mr. Jeff thrived in 2020, while other laundry service providers struggled. It only because of the contactless pickup and distribution platform. And adherence to disinfection best practices. 

Powerful franchisee business

The company has proved to be a laundry franchise with an unrivaled vision and an enterprise that has contributed to multinational consolidation. After 25 years in this industry, their business model continues to surprise us, and we want to rely on them for their entrance into the United States. Customers are drawn to Mr. Jeff’s subscription service in addition to its safe pickup and distribution. They can arrange weekly laundry and ironing services for an affordable monthly charge. Franchise owners in foreign markets have seen similar advantages, as the premium service offers a recurring sales channel. From March 2020 to the end of the year, entrepreneurs opened 185 locations worldwide.

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Jeff franchise three strong pillars

Below are the technological support for better performance

  1. Customers use the Jeff App to arrange services from their homes. It fosters the consumer towards the service. In this service, the consumer is having safety from the infection as it is contactless.
  2. The Jeff Suite is a one-of-a-kind management platform developed to meet the demands of the company. It also caters to its development with functions such as invoicing and P&L. It allows entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions based on measures such as the number of sales, revenue, requested resources, number of subscribers, and active users.
  3. The Jeff Driver software, which is linked to the Jeff Suite and Jeff App, is used to handle both pickup and delivery timings and routes. This allows staff and company owners to easily manage anything through their coordinated and efficient business mobile-friendly applications.

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