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iDenfy further simplifies identity verification and introduces “Magic Link”

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The tool will allow companies to integrate ID verification without additional programming.

iDenfy, a Lithuania-based ID verification service provider, continues to innovate and develops a modern tool to replace programming when integrating its identity verification solution.

In today’s world, we can enjoy modern solutions to the many modern problems we face due to technology being as advanced as it is. No one could predict such an explosion of technological development – but here we are nonetheless.

One of the most potent tools to deal with the issues of the digital is AI. It would be hard to find an industry lacking a place to employ powerful AI algorithms, especially if it deals with large data quantities. However, AI is but a tool, and it still requires a professional operator. That’s where the global shortage of IT specialists starts to make sense – companies worldwide struggle to hire competent developers both due to the enormous demand and value they bring to the corporation.

ID verification services are no different in this regard. The solution can usually only be implemented with programming. The task requires a software developer, and if lacking one, companies could not enjoy the benefits of modern ID verification methods, including iDenfy’s.

That’s about to change – iDenfy introduces its newest tool, “Magic Link.” Even though ID verification was smooth enough before, it’s on track to become even simpler. “Magic Link” requires no additional programming to integrate and will allow companies to provide their clients with a unique but universal link that can be used for multiple identity verifications. In contrast, previously, a unique link had to be created for each individual.

“We recognized the issue many companies faced due to the lack of software developers and acted accordingly to solve it,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

“Magic Link” makes identity verification accessible to businesses with overloaded IT technicians – they will no longer have to be at a disadvantage and hunt for additional software developers to integrate solutions for verifying clients’ identities.

About iDenfy    

iDenfy provides online identity verification services for the financial, sharing-economy, and gaming industries. It strives to provide its partners with services that meet the highest standards. The company was awarded the title of “Startup of Lithuania” in 2018. In 2019 it became a ‘Startup of the Kaunas City’, in 2020 won the ‘Fintech Startup Of The Year Award’, and in 2021 received ‘The Baltic Innovation Prize.’

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