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IBM Garage Helps More Than 500 Enterprises to Innovate Digital Presence

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An innovative pace to empower and create a collaborative culture 

Giant tech, IBM announced that more than 500 businesses globally have chosen the IBM Garage to help them power their digital reinventions with hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Companies including ADP, Cemex, the Kraft Heinz Company and the Government of Nova Scotia are leveraging the IBM Garage to fill the space and create cultures of collaboration. This innovative idea of providing shoulder will also help the IBM Garage continuous learning and to drive lasting business outcomes.

In addition, the IBM Garage Methodology is available to businesses digitally through the IBM Garage Method for Cloud course. The online course introduces innovative practices focused around cultural change, test driven development, Enterprise Design Thinking, operational excellence, and continuous learning. It is designed to change the way teams work and help them understand issues and challenges so they can tackle them at real time and rapidly deliver high-quality solutions.

IBM Garage guides businesses to innovate

IBM Garage is creating great opportunity for enterprises to fuel innovation along with creating the need to transform workflows across a hybrid cloud environment and change the cultures as new techs applies.

  • IBM Garage has helped enterprises rapidly move from idea generation to implementation to introduce the era of hybrid cloud and AI, which brings new revenue streams and business models, transform workflows and reinvent customer experience.
  • Helping businesses to modernize existing applications, IBM Garage accelerates how clients unlock insights and business outcomes with advanced cloud services like AI, blockchain and IoT.
  • It can help businesses jumpstart innovation by simply tapping into technologies like AI, automation and blockchain.
  • IBM with diverse expertise- across research, strategy, process, application and infrastructure- develop new ideas sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with clients.
  • IBM extending the IBM Garage experience through an innovation Hub can provide clients with access to the breadth and depth of IBM research.
  • An integrated team of research scientists, developers and domain experts works closely with clients to enhance mature and tested IBM Services assets with potentially game-changing IBM Research innovation assets.

Mark Foster, Senior Vice President, IBM Services and Global Business Services, said, “In the next chapter of digital reinvention, the ability to innovate at scale will be the difference between success and failure – this requires a fundamental shift in how companies work.” “For the incumbents of the world, who we believe have a major advantage in their proprietary data and decades of industry-specific expertise, the ability to adopt hybrid cloud strategies and quickly shift to new ways of working will allow them to beat the so-called digital disruptors of the last decade. The IBM Garage is our approach to help them drive purposeful innovation and transformational change at the speed of a start-up and at the scale of an enterprise – fast tracking their journeys to become Cognitive Enterprises enabled by the hybrid cloud,” he added.

For last 18 months, IBM helped more than 500 leading global businesses as they drive digital transformations with data and AI on the cloud.

  • ADP, human capital management cloud and services company uses the IBM Garage method to infuse AI across the enterprise. ADP and IBM jointly developed an AI-powered digital agent that enables over 20 percent of ADP’s chat traffic.
  • The early adopter of IBM Garage, CEMEX with its CEMEX Go digital platform grew to 90% of the company’s total recurring customers in just 19 months.

IBM Garage enabled a Brazilian company, eLaw, a cloud-based cognitive service for lawyers to analyze, compare and interpret cases faster and with 15% more accuracy.



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