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Founder of Valux Digital Awarded Title of CEO of the Year 2021 USA by CEO Monthly

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New York, Mon., Sept 13, 2019 — The Founder of the digital marketing and PR firm Valux Digital, Jessica Wong, has been awarded the title of the CEO of the Year 2021 USA by the CEO Monthly magazine.

“It is a pleasure to have been awarded this very prestigious accolade. My sincere appreciation goes out to the Valux Digital team for all their hard work. This is a significant accomplishment for the entire team,” Jessica said.

Jessica has over 18 years of experience in branding and digital marketing. She specializes in executing cutting-edge programs based on innovative business strategies. Recognized as a strong leader, she has an impressive track record of developing and leading multidisciplinary teams that revolutionize customer experience by delivering world-class marketing solutions.

“Our 2021 recipients have been handpicked by the CEO Monthly magazine based on a comprehensive analysis and extensive research undertaken by our in-house research team. This approach ensures that we select candidates purely on merit and recognize the best in business,” said a representative of CEO Monthly. 

Jessica is the mastermind behind Valux Digital, a full-service firm that offers groundbreaking marketing campaigns for corporations and startups. Composed of a cross-functional team of designers, researchers, web developers, strategists and thinkers, Valux Digital focuses on helping clients develop e-commerce infrastructure and complete their digital transformations.

“At Valux, our mission is to provide high-quality digital marketing and PR services for businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes. Our primary objective is to offer scalable and sustainable growth strategies to brands all over the world,” Jessica said. 

Valux Digital uses research-driven solutions to help corporates achieve sustainable results. Some of the areas where Valux shines include social media marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), public relations and programmatic display advertising.

“By utilizing data-driven analytics, we strive to create effective, fully-customizable digital marketing campaigns that embrace the future of marketing. It is our goal at Valux to improve efficiency, affordability, rapidity, quality, and – most importantly – results,” Jessica said.

Guided by the principles of quality, efficiency and accountability, Valux Digital tackles projects from inception to completion. The firm is committed to delivering exceptional digital experiences in keeping with the latest trends, with each of the firm’s portfolios standing as a testament to its values and passion.

“Our vision for the future involves providing digital services that are personalized, self-directed, hyperlocal, fully integrated, and at the forefront of technological innovation,” Jessica highlighted.


In 2019, Jessica was invited to join the Forbes Communications Council in recognition of her professional achievements and impact on the business world. The membership has allowed her to share her expertise through business articles. 

Jessica is also a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, a community of leading industry experts who offer business advice to millions of business owners and readers of

In both 2018 and 2020, Jessica was a finalist for the Digital Leader of the Year in the Women in IT Awards. In addition, in 2021, MARsum USA recognized Jessica as one of the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders.


While business success is a joint achievement, it is the leadership of Chief Executive Officers that propels teams to thrive. Positioned at the helm of business ventures, CEOs hold a great deal of power and responsibility, as well as amassed expertise.

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