Those that Reject the Faceless Online Business Model Find Great Success

Those that Reject the Faceless Online Business Model Find Great Success

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Many business owners will see one of the benefits of having a mostly online-based and digital business as not needing to have as many real people involved, particularly in the sales process. It presents a cheaper form of operation that relies on search engine savvy, responsive platforms outsourced to the likes of Webisoft, and competing on prices. However, many online-focused businesses are finding that going from faceless to being a much more personable and visibly human entity is the right approach.

Of course, this flies in the face of industry statistics — over 40 percent of respondents are open to branks that don’t have branches, but there are many examples of this shift working incredibly well. Not only can it expand a business in terms of the products and services offered, but incorporating real human interactions can also prove to be a valuable selling point. Here’s a look at how transforming your digital business into one that puts its people at the forefront can be very beneficial and win over customers.

Real human experts and professionals bolstering digital businesses

Every business in the world is owned and operated by one or more humans, but through the divide offered by the internet and the many automation tools offered to us now, many see it as beneficial and even futuristic to hide away those people. Instead, you should push them to the front of your offering, showcasing the professionals that help make your offering happen and giving customers ways to interact with them.

A clear example of this in action is MasterClass, which was valued at over $2.7 billion in 2021 and owes 100 percent of its revenue to its subscription model. Now, MasterClass does have an edge through its people being celebrities and celebrated experts, but the ability to learn directly from the masters of their professions makes the platform incredibly accessible and appealing. Also powering the offering are its live sessions, such as those with Daniel Negreanu, Chris Voss, or Neil deGrasse Tyson – each of which boasts over 160,000 views on YouTube.

MasterClass made products that put humans at the core of its business, while others have built upon existing all-digital products to enhance them with a human touch. This can be seen at Betway, which has seen the live casino selection only grow in popularity since its launch. While there is a standalone live casino section, the likes of Live 9 Pots of Gold and the celebrity-hosted roulette and blackjack games all rank on the Top Games tab. In these games, live streaming technology connects customers directly to the studio and professional croupier or show host to make for an authentic, real-time, immersive experience.

While other tech, like the artificial intelligence offered by Aivo, can greatly enhance customer service, so too can live video. In the luxury jewelry market, Diamonds Factory enhanced its Contact Us section by offering video appointments. Here, their in-store experts have a video call with potential customers to help them understand exactly what they’re looking to buy, from the shape of jewels to how to work out ring sizes. As engagement rings are so often purchased by relative novices, this connection to an expert helps a great deal.

Humanizing the brand comes with many benefits

Humanizing the brand comes with many benefits

In the examples above, live video options regularly prove to be a clear-cut way of humanizing your online business and making it stand out from the crowd. A big part of this is that having a human available on the other side of the video automatically makes the product appear more credible and authentic. Furthermore, the real-time interactions make customers feel noticed, heard, and especially looked after, which massively boosts their opinion of the platform if the interactions go well.

As Time to Eat Delivery emphasizes, incredible customer service is key, and live video can certainly help with this online. This is because most queries to a customer service team are either about product details or if they have a grievance. In both instances, having a real person on the other side of a video call can help immensely. For customer queries, an answer can be formulated in a way that the rep sees as more helpful, and they can answer follow-ups in an instant. When dealing with grievances, speaking to a visible person often helps to calm the situation on its own and gives what the customer really wants: visibility.

Still, you don’t necessarily require live video to shift away from being just another faceless online business. McKinsey writes that the main thing is to have people engage with customers at key stages of a business relationship, with face-to-face expertise being a huge boost at the start of the buying journey, then referring to the more streamlined digital options. Businesses could also prove their humanity through personalized additions to the purchasing process, such as thank you cards, birthday gift cards, and emails from real human addresses.

Regardless of the industry, all predominantly digital businesses can benefit greatly from adding a human touch to their operations.

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