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The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the market significantly. It has simplified the complex data and reduced human errors up to a considerable extent. Digitization is leading the world towards automation and Artificial Intelligence is one of the key factors behind the upsurge of automation. Some types of Artificial Intelligence can be classified as Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Self Awareness. All these types are being used in several industries for different purposes. Apart from these, there is another type i.e. Conversational Artificial Intelligence which refers to the use of various AI tools for personalized customer experience. Presently, many companies are providing this type of AI for enriched customer communication and experience.

Established in 2012, Aivo is also a technology company specialized in conversational AI. Since its inception, the company has revolutionized the way brands communicate with their customers. Aivo aims to help companies solve the customer needs in shortest possible time, with empathy and delivering the same experience in all channels of communication.

Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions

The solutions offered by Aivo are specially designed based on the needs and expectations of modern clients such as personalization, immediacy, quick solutions and 24×7 service. The company prominently provides following four solutions.

  • Agentbot – An automatic solution for customer service, enriched with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Voice – Phone-based automatic customer service solution with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Live – Omnichannel chat solution that empowers customer service agents.
  • Help – A Centralized Knowledge Base and Smart Search Engine that enhances the self-service experience.

These solutions allow automating operational tasks to empower the customers with superior assistance and support as they are simple to use, implement and evolve. Furthermore, these solutions provide omnichannel experiences to serve customers on any channel, text, and voice in more than 80 languages. Additionally, Aivo integrates its solutions with leading CX and CRM solutions such as Zendesk Chat, Support and Guide, Salesforce, Genesys PureCloud, Zapier. All these factors put Aivo one step ahead of its competitors.

A Passionate Entrepreneur leading from the Front

Martin Frascaroli, the Founder and CEO of Aivo, is the mainstay of the company. As the CEO, he oversees the direction the company takes, manages the overall operations and resources of the company as well as acts as a main point of communication with the leadership and stakeholders. In his early days, he developed several projects even before he finished his high school. In 2005, he founded software agency for contact centers, and while working with them, he realized that a significant amount of time was being wasted in customer service for both companies and clients. Thus, he identified that a change was needed in customer service to make the process easier and more efficient. He started looking for solutions and found that the majority of work can be automated with artificial intelligence resulting in faster and better customer experience and more motivated employees that take care of the creative and complex tasks. This, along with the digital revolution that took place in the last year, was the inspiration behind Aivo. Led by a passionate entrepreneur, Aivo has emerged as one of the powerhouses in their field.

The COVID-19 Effect

The unexpected and disastrous outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made companies rethink about their customer service strategies. It has posed numerous challenges in front of companies such as over-demand in customer service departments, moving their traditionally local operations to remote environments, and opening digital communication channels to support their clients. With its AI technology, Aivo is helping many companies modify their customer care strategy.

Communication is the Key

Aivo is thoroughly supporting its employees during this hard time. As it is a remote-oriented business, the company was prepared to translate its operations into work from home scheme. Furthermore, the company is concentrating on communicating more with the employees, carrying out catch up calls, and checking in on each other. The company is being extremely transparent with the direction of its business and making sure employees have everything they need to work from home comfortably.

Preparations to Combat the Future Challenges

Post the pandemic, Aivo is expected to face numerous challenges such as global expansion, better business-client relationship, promotion and pricing, etc. However, the company is thoroughly prepared to combat these challenges. While continuing to strengthen its position in Latin America, the company is currently focusing on growing its USA market and opening APAC and ME. It is looking forward to improve customer experience by establishing natural and seamless interactions with its own AI solutions.

Furthermore, Aivo is constantly working on adding new features and further integrations to its solutions which addresses the challenges in terms of product development. Moreover, out of several ongoing projects, the company is particularly looking forward to its new analytics feature. It is looking to further improve this feature by adding predictive technology and deeper data to help on BI.

Martin’s Views about AI and Entrepreneurship

Having been utilized AI for businesses, Martin thinks that companies of all industries are adapting more and more AI into their business areas and this trend is expected to intensify with the time. However, AI is still not a ‘mature’ technology as it will become more pervasive in the future and there is a lot of potential to be tapped. As more companies use AI technologies in their strategies, this technology will learn and evolve. Thus, as time goes by, there will be constant improvements in AI technology.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Martin suggests the aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on single product for a single vertical, always aim for something big, keep evolving, and find the right people for the particular work. He also emphasizes on being proactive saying, “The only thing you cannot buy is time, so do not expect things to happen. Take action in every situation that arises.”

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