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William R Marchand, President & CEO

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While creating websites or apps for multiple platforms, the most significant challenge is balancing the consistency of functionality with individual platforms like iOS, Android, Web, etc. All of these platforms contain their own unique guidelines, users, and devices. Without the right balance and compatibility, an app may end up hard for use and feel out of place. Similarly, in the case of iOS and Android apps, creating the same design for both platforms is a common mistake. There are numerous Android apps that are ported from iOS apps. Therefore, the adoption of responsive design is a good idea to create digital experiences which dwell comfortably in any screen size. The responsive design focuses on users and helps them to easily use and navigate services while recognizing them from a visual perspective.

Based in Montreal, Canada Webisoft is a full-service Web and mobile app development company who possesses expertise in building cross-platform responsive Web products for enterprise businesses, startups, and e-commerce stores with the latest technologies available. While explaining the capabilities of Webisoft to develop services according to clients’ needs, its President and CEO, William R Marchand writes on his LinkedIn profile, “In this day and age, few things are as crucial for a business as having a strong local development team. Our dedicated and innovative company will ensure that your project is built according to your specific needs. My team and I offer a complete overhaul of your online presence as well as custom software development.”

Crafting Tailored Solutions for Clients with Latest Advances

Under the visionary leadership of William, Webisoft uses the latest advances in Web technologies to develop beautiful responsive websites and apps with dynamic interfaces. The company offers a collaborative project management model that allows clients’ team members to actively participate from design to implementation of any new solutions within their organization. Similarly, Webisoft team has extensive hands-on experience of developing any online or Software as a Service (SaaS) project, mobile application development for iOS/Android and CRM and ERP system integration. Through value delivery with changing technological advancements and creating tailored solutions for clients, Webisoft offers the following unique features with its services:

  1. Responsive Design and Multi-lingual Support

Responsive layout improves usability across a variety of devices. It automatically resizes to all the device screens and enables the website to look good on every screen ranging from computer desktops to laptops, mobiles, tablets, and even smart TVs.

Additionally, Webisoft provides multi-lingual apps structure that helps clients to present their business to the audience in their native language.

  1. Search Engine and Conversion Optimized

The company implements SEO best practices in its development process. It considers SEO during the development than post development which further enables the site to gain organic traffic.

As a website is made from distinct components like heading, text, images, CTA, and email signup forms, these components need to complement each other. With the drastic increase in websites, it is quite challenging to get visitors’ attention to any website. Visitors land and leave the website due to the wrong use of aforesaid components. Therefore, a website should be optimized to hold them on the page and drive for the desired conversion. Webisoft aligns the website components to optimize the website for visitor conversions to customers.

  1. Cross Browser Compatibility with Intuitive UX

The team of Webisoft designs and develops sites while maintaining cross-browser compatibility. Such compatibility helps the site to be engaging and compatible with major browsers available in the market on platforms including Mac and PCs.

Webisoft designs UX strategies that address accessibility, usability, and desirability as key elements of customers’ experience.

Achieving Desired Outcomes with the Team’s Iterative Approach

Today, whether the project is small or big, Webisoft team works on an agile process to develop the desired project to its fullest potential. They prefer an iterative method backed by data and customer feedback. The mobile app development strategy of Webisoft initially starts with “Vetting”. The team prefers a rigorous vetting to check if there are any major loopholes that could cause problems in the later stages. Secondly, they focus on “Branding”. Webisoft team of experts understands the key attributes of the clients’ target market, user interaction, product functionality, and unique elements of their brands. Therefore, they implement those elements in the design and development process to make a more branded flow throughout the app/web experience.

After the branding, crafting a streamlined flow of “User Experience” is the top priority for the team in the app development. They execute user experience in such a way that it will facilitate users to signup hassle-free and determine the overall user onboarding process. The final step is “Polishing” where the team performs some finishing touches before the launch of the app to make it stand out in the app store and hit the featured section.

Fulfilling Clients’ Needs with Flexible Interaction and Advanced Solutions          

In addition, Webisoft offers exclusive benefits for clients. The customers directly work with experienced developers who are well-versed in their field. The Webisoft team is passionate about developing bug-free technology solutions that improve the efficiency of their business process. The company provides the flexibility for customers to speak directly with the people who will carry out the project. It will further help the developers to create a project that will adapt to clients’ needs. The non-disclosure agreements from Webisoft help keep customer privacy and protect their ideas as well. At Webisoft, clients can enjoy high-quality services and efficient process at reasonable rates. The company guarantees delivery and satisfaction which enables clients to save a considerable amount of money.

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