Curve Tomorrow acquired Progressive Medical

Curve Tomorrow acquires Progressive Medical to expand its international network

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The acquisition enables a transformation of the approach towards healthcare

Digital health design agency Curve Tomorrow has acquired Progressive Medical to expand its international network to Perth.

Sanji Kanagalingam, Director of Curve, stated, “This strategic acquisition enables Curve to continue to bring health and medicine to the digital age, transforming the way Australia – and now Western Australia – approaches healthcare.” Further, he added, “A Perth office also allows an ideal launch pad into Asia through established business channels, promising an exciting future for Curve and the health technology space in Western Australia.”

Benefitting the community through the accessibility of their products and services

The expansion of the international network to Perth will provide an opportunity not only for the creation of potential revenue from the commercialization of products but also to benefit the community that will access their services and products.

Mohinder Jaimangal, Director of Curve, stated, “Our ultimate goal is to positively impact one billion people through our products and services. Utilising the existing health tech knowledge on the ground in Perth and the ground-breaking progress we’ve made in Melbourne will bring us one step closer to this goal.”

Collaborating with research institutes to develop innovative healthcare products

Earlier, Curve has collaborated with several research institutes to develop innovative healthcare products. The partnership with the National Research Institute for Ageing lead to the creation of Averto, an app that enables patients from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds with dementia to communicate with care workers from the comfort of their homes

Besides that,  it had collaborated  with MCRI, the Royal Children’s Hospital and the AFL to develop the Head Check App,  an easy to use app that gave parents, coaches, and health professionals the capacity to identify the symptoms of  concussions suffered by children while playing sports with the help of a series of questions on the app. Along with that, it also helped parents to manage these concussions by offering a tailor-made recovery that is based on the latest research and clinical guidelines which help them get their children to get back to school and ensure that they don’t suffer another concussion while playing sports.

Understanding  issues faced by adolescents diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

Curve had worked with the Telethon Kids Institute to develop RADical, an app which runs for 10 days and tracks the moment –to moment fluctuations in the emotions of adolescents who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The information gathered by this app would help researchers understand issues faced by adolescents with diabetes and how these issues would be connected to their physical health



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