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Clever Ecommerce and the Google Ads automation software

Clever ecommerce

Google Ads has been proved to be one of the best SEM platforms for advertising online stores’ products and services. The possibility of announcing your products to millions of people using this search engine in the very moment they are looking for your product on the internet is incredibly powerful.

Clever ecommerce

With over 50,000 clients since their foundation 7 years ago, Clever Ecommerce has experienced a large growth over these years. The key of their success is the Google Ads automation software that they have developed. “We believe that almost everything in the future will be fully automated, machine learning will be a must on our lives” says Fernando Constantino, COO and co-founder of Clever Ecommerce.

Competitive ads campaigns

Clever Ecommerce’s software can take the product information of your online store and build competitive Google Ads campaigns through machine learning technology. “At the beginning we could only create basic campaigns: Search, Display and Remarketing, but we have been constantly developing and improving our software and now we can also make Google Shopping campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns”

Available platforms

In the beginning, they released their software as a free app on the Shopify app marketplace but now their software is also available on Prestashop, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce. “When we first began, we did not know that our software would be that appreciated by the users, we were certainly satisfying a need of the users. People spend too much time manually creating the ads for their online store and it is really tedious work. Just imagine if you had 500 products on your store and you had to create an ad for each one which takes you 1 min per ad more or less. You would have to spend 8 hours just doing that, with our software you can get your campaigns in no time!”

Their software does not only allow the fast creation of the campaigns but also takes care of the optimization part. “Optimization is the most important thing to do once the campaigns are created, a good optimization can help you optimize and maximize your ROI, the classic sell more for less. We developed an algorithm that helps with the optimization by automatically adjusting the bids depending of the moment. Since we want everything to run perfectly, there are also account managers that will check the changes on bidding and help with the optimizations, humans and software are definitely the best combination!”

Fernando states that their software can be used by all people, no matter if they have basic or advanced knowledge. “We developed this software for all the Google Ads users, for the beginners and for the pros. However, most of our users have basic knowledge because they find in us the perfect teacher to learn about Google Ads, users usually send us emails asking about Google Ads functionality and best practices. We are really happy to help them!

The future of the ecommerce

When asked about the future of the ecommerce, Fernando is really optimistic with the situation.

“I believe that, ecommerce is the present and the future, everything that can be moved to the online world will definitely get moved to the online world. A huge percentage of the people will buy all their stuff online instead of going to the physical stores, they consider buying in physical stores is just an entertainment plan for doing alone or with friends. I would like to talk about the example of China, the ecommerce on China is so standardized and developed that it represents the 75% of the global online sales, which is incredible! I believe that we will slowly move to similar model than China. That’s why I often recommend people to learn about these new technologies and stay tuned for the new opportunities that are coming. The key to success is positioning yourself in the right place at the right time.”