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CL Educate Creates a New Edtech Only Focused Subsidiary

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Boasts astonishingly low CAC of 6-20% against prevalent 50-300% in the space; mulls external funding

30 July, 2021, New Delhi: CL Educate, (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE), the listed knowledge-tech company shared their plans of setting up an EdTech subsidiary, Career Launcher (CL, here on) to exclusively focus on digital business in the EdTech space. CL aims to emerge among the top four EdTech giants with focus on aptitude and jobs that form the bulk of the higher-education and youth opportunity in India for the next decade or two.  

Commenting on the new subsidiary and the plans forward, Satya Narayanan R, Founder & Chairman, CL Educate said, “The Indian test prep space is on the cusp of a major transformation and the inception of CL is both timely and appropriate. The creation of the digital subsidiary offers three benefits – focus, freedom and capital.  The new vehicle helps CL Educate move from leadership in three segments to five by focusing on aptitude and jobs. India’s EdTech industry will leapfrog to $30 billion in the next 10 years. We would be like to be among the four giant EdTech brands that will dominate this space” he further added.

Sujatha Kshirsagar, Chief Sales Officer for CL’s digital initiative and one of the few woman EdTech leaders said, “The growing demographics, the increasing spending power of Indians, and the priority given to education are the key enablers for us. Our tech-driven sales with a sharp focus on student results are our differentiators. Our ability to scale 10X is what I am focused on as CSO given the positive tailwinds for the next few years in EdTech.” 

About CL: CL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CL Educate (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE), founded by Satya Narayanan R, India’s Ed-tech pioneer. It offers a variety of programs for students aged 12-30, through personalized and synchronous/ asynchronous offerings. Led by a team of highly capable leaders (including IITians and IIMians), CL aims to emerge among the top EdTech players from India who would scale globally. CL counts on two key differentiators – 1. the ability to generate results for students through a scientific data driven process and 2. Robust unit economics and an astonishingly low CAC of 15% against a massive 50-300% that exists for its competitions. With program offerings across various competitive exams including MBA, LAW, IPM, UPSC, CUCET, and International Education, CL’s result-driven approach aims to transform the career dreams of 10+ million aspirants. Over the next 3 years, it aims to engage with over ten million students from the current one million. Deployment of data science, machine learning, and recommendation algorithms (120 Edtech tools) form the business moat for CL with the ability to scale. These tools and engines help in best fit program choice, cost savings and laser-beam mentoring to deliver the best in industry results for students. Do visit for more information.

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