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Effects of Excessive work on health
Effects of Excessive work on health
A well known Italian humanist and educator Aldus Manutius  has quoted, “It is not work that kills; but no work and overwork.” The concept behind ...
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Poly tasking A new era of professional culture
Poly tasking: A new era of professional culture
Every coin has two sides. It depends on a person how he/she perceive a situation, positively or negatively. This applies to the phenomenon of poly ...
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Modern Age Women
Modern Age Women Are Leading The World With A Balancing Act
A renowned Amercian attorney, Geraldine Ferraro righteously quoted, “Some leaders are born women.” A career driven woman is often judged harshly for her choices and ...
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10 Must Have Characteristics to become ‘Numero Uno Leader’
Phil Jackson has rightly quoted that, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Every success ...
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Jeff Becoz Richest People.
What Richest People Quote about Business
Everyone who owns a business or runs a business need some guidelines from the people who have been in their shoes. We have amassed a ...
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5 Must Have Leadership Qualities for a Successful Business
Only having a great idea does not lead to a successful business. But to take a business to the heights of success, business leader needs ...
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5 Entrepreneurial skills
5 Entrepreneurial skills to be mastered for running a Start-Up
The never ending debate of ‘Innovators, born or made’ there are some entrepreneurial skills every entrepreneur should have mastered. Instead of the hardcore qualities like, ...
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Running a business
Running a business? Here are the must reads…
As Francois Mauriac has said, “’Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are”.  It is your writing habit which makes you ...
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business apps
Essential Business Apps For New Startups
With a new business, there comes new opportunities followed by new challenges. It is very hard to go on while facing every difficulty with the ...
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