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Essential Business Apps For New Startups

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With a new business, there comes new opportunities followed by new challenges. It is very hard to go on while facing every difficulty with the same enthusiasm. That is the reason anything and anyone that can help makes a big difference. So there is a simple and effective way available to this problem and that is utilizing apps on your phone or tablet which can be more beneficial than you ever thought. This will not only help in saving money but time too. Just have a look at these apps preferred for new startups.

Google Drive –  As a startup the most important and useful app is Google Drive. This app allows you to access all of those files stored on Google Drive from your phone or tablet so that you can go through them anytime anywhere.

Dropbox –  As a startup, there’s a basic problem in setting up big files. Dropbox is the app you should go for. It helps to store and share files on the cloud, You can easily share files and documents with others without having to attach it to an email. It can be used for videos, documents, photos and plenty of other types of files. It is the most famous platform used by almost 400 million users.

Evernote –   Having a habit of forgetting things? Don’t worry now, here comes an app to your help. Evernote, which will sync between all your devices, let it be iPhone or iPad, not just that it will enable you to write notes, lists, organize documents, articles, and photos and discuss your work with others, you can do all these things with just one app. There is a free version available which will allow you to upload 60MB of data per month. But you have to pay for the upgraded versions with additional features.

Mailbox –  To keep up with tons of emails you are getting, Mailbox is the perfect app. This is an email management app owned and developed by Dropbox. Supporting a wide variety of email platforms, it is totally free. You can use this app to move messages in seconds to your trash, archive them into lists or delay reading them until later.

My Minutes –  As a startup, you have to work on your time spent on tasks. You just don’t want to spend much time on unimportant task. My Minutes, a time management app will help you with this. It will allow you to cap time spent on certain tasks while keeping eye on the time spent on others. This app is available for iPhone for $2.99.

KanbanFlowWhile working with a bunch of people, the most important thing is to schedule things and then work on them in time. Here is the app, KanbanFlow, a project management app for your help. It helps all users to upload documents, assign tasks and schedule due dates. It works on most of the smartphones, PCs, and Macs. KanbanFlow’s basic version is free while the premium one, with added features, costs $5 a month.

AsanaThere is another project management app Asana, especially meant for the businesses whose clients and colleagues working in multiple locations. This app helps in assigning tasks to one another while working as a team, include due dates, followers, and details, and also to start conversations with one another. The best thing is that you can give comment on tasks and start conversations anytime which will save time of mailing.

Polaris OfficeThere will be a need to edit and manage Microsoft Office or PDF files easily, here’s the option, Polaris Office. It helps to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations and PDF files from anywhere, anytime.


Keeper® Password Manager  – This is a time of different passwords for different things. That is why it is pretty hard these days to remember them all. So here comes Keeper password manager, which will focus on security. It will give you protection against hackers and also help to store passwords, login info, credit card information, bank information, photos, important files, and documents much more.

All these apps are must for the startups.




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