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What Businesses Can Learn From The Entertainment World

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There are no parameters that dictate from where businesses can draw inspiration. A good idea is a good idea, no matter where it comes from. In general, company leaders tend to look towards other, traditional companies for guidance, on the basis that if it worked for Amazon, it might just work for them too.

However, companies in diverse markets also have something to offer traditional organizations. While the entertainment industry is, of course, in a league of its own, the game is essentially the same: get people interested in the product. It’s just that in their world, it could be a big-budget movie, and in the regular corporate world, it’s whatever products or services the company offers.

In this blog, we will look at some valuable tips that businesses can draw from the world of entertainment.

Create a World

Entertainment companies are masters at branding. Who can’t picture the MGM lion or the Warner Brothers introduction? These iconic images don’t just announce the beginning of the picture. They draw the viewer into their world. For the next two hours or so, the customer will be fully immersed in the production company’s product. 

While traditional companies can’t hope to have their customers buy into their branding as deeply as this, they can learn from this strategy. Movies don’t let go of their audiences’ attention for a second. A company’s branding should be the same; it should present a cohesive and compelling message. That means consistent use of color, tone of voice, and imagery, among others. 

Engaging Content

Every business wants to get the public’s attention, but, understandably, not all businesses can get the attention of the public. It’s the quality of the company’s content that will determine how much people pay attention, and some companies are just not set up to produce engaging content. 

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be. They just need to take a cue from the entertainment world, who are masters at this type of content. Everything from movie trailers to the best online slot games are produced with the consumer’s satisfaction in mind. By thinking of the customer’s needs, rather than the company’s needs, even the most mundane organizations can capture the public’s imagination. 

Character Development

A movie cannot expect good reviews if the protagonist ends the film in the same place they began, without learning anything. A TV series can not expect to sustain viewers season after season if there is no character development or the same old joke/story is told over and over again. 

In a business context, companies cannot hope to get the best of their employees if there’s no development or growth. There are two outcomes of failure to invest in employees: either they leave, or stay but become disengaged. Both of these options are bad. TV and movie makers develop their characters through strong writing; companies develop their employees by investing in their training and creating individual career development plans.

Taking Risks 

The Entertainment World

Thousands of movies are made each year. But the general public only hears about a fraction of them. The ones that capture people’s imagination are ones that offer something that people have never seen before. It’s not the most commonly cited quality of Hollywood, but nearly every blockbuster is a risk. There are so many places along the way where things can go wrong. 

The productions that stick squarely to the middle lane rarely go anywhere. The same principle applies to new companies. While it’s important to avoid being too cavalier or to take too many risks, it’s arguably just as dangerous to play the game too safely. There’ll already be many companies doing that. To succeed, a company must do something innovative.

It’s unorthodox, but companies that follow the path tread by entertainment companies might just find themselves reaching levels of success in their sector comparable with major entertainment studios and producers.

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