#BreakTheBias: What do women want in twenty-twenty-two?

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Being a woman, I have been observing women’s day for quite a while. All this while, I have realized is that we have been peeping into the world of women through a rose-tinted glass. For years, Women’s Day has been about celebrating womanhood and her victories. I believe the celebrations are highly biased. We have confined the victories and everyday achievements of a woman within one single day. While the world sings the glories of famous women on this particular day, other days pass by dehumanizing and demeaning them.

A woman’s POV on ‘Women’s Day’

Despite supportive laws and rules, women are being subjected to prejudices, stereotypes, humiliation, and whatnot. Every year, the United Nations decides a theme for the ‘International Women’s Day. In 2022, the focus is on #BreakTheBias that exists around the frontier of womanhood.

GenZ is profoundly vocal about its needs and demands from its fellow human beings and society altogether. In a world where everyone is aware of their needs and wants and vice versa, why do we still feel the void? Why do women still feel scantiness?

The 21st-century women are bolder and have access to basic privileges like voting rights and freedom of speech. But, why are we still surrounded by scantiness? Despite having access to every single privilege, why do we still feel the need to march barefoot on roads and protest for our rights?

#BreakTheBias: What do women ‘literally’ want in 2022?

Other than the right to live alone, work and employment, being vocal for our needs and equality, we want the everyday bias to end once and for all. As a woman, I want to embrace my womanhood without being mocked and wish to break the following biases:

1. Don’t mock my female friendships.

Male friendships are cheered for, but female friendships are mocked. Yes, it is 2022 and the prejudice against female friendships continues to exist.

2. I don’t want labels.

Don’t label me on the basis of unrealistic societal parameters. It is my fundamental and moral choice to choose the way I want to live, dress up, interact and communicate with my peers.

3. “After all, you are a woman.”

My gender is not a deciding factor for what I plan to do with my life. Being a woman does not make me underqualified for several things.

4. “I am a feminist and I am proud of it!”

Yes, I am a proud feminist. No, feminism does not mean demeaning men of their rights. It means that I am the owner of my own freedom and rights and I do not require society’s grant or approval to use it. Mocking me just because I choose to endorse my feminism is a blatant invalidation of all the sufferings and fights I underwent to gain my present independence.

5. It’s 2022 and women are still objectified.

I am a woman, not an object. I want the world to stop objectifying me for wearing too much or too little makeup, wearing skimpy or baggy clothes, drinking alcohol, and hanging out with male friends.

To summarize all my demands, women in 2022 want to breathe a sigh of relief. We want to enjoy our freedom and independence without any compromises. I want to #BreakTheBias and live my life on my own terms.

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