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Should You Ship or Sell Your Car if You are Moving?

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Moving to a new city or town can be intimidating, and you may be considering the total cost to ship a car and other moving fees at this time. It may have even occurred to you that selling your automobile and purchasing a new one where you shift is the best alternative. Well, if you are emotionally tied to the automobile, if it is relatively new, or if the car has become your comfort zone, it is definitely not a good decision. On the other hand, if you’ve been wanting to buy a new automobile for a long time, this may be your opportunity.

We’ve compiled a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of both selling a car and moving it across the country to help you decide which option is best for you.

Pros of selling your car

1. Some extra money on hand

Who doesn’t appreciate having little extra money on hand? We certainly do. Selling your automobile can help you get rid of the large cost you’ll have to spend if you want to transport your car. You will incur a variety of expenditures while relocating that you may or may not have accounted for. So, a little additional cash might go a long way for you. During this time, you can save additional money for other essentials that you may need to purchase.

2. Get a car upgrade

If you have an old automobile that has a new mechanical problem every other day, it might be wise to sell it. Trying to ship a car that has been well-used and has its own issues is like throwing all that money out the window!

Cons of selling your car

1. Identifying a Buyer

It is easier said than done to sell an automobile. While you may be able to find many dealerships willing to buy your automobile, you may not be satisfied with the given price. Even advertising your vehicle and speaking with numerous purchasers takes time and effort. If you’re in a hurry to sell your automobile, there’s a chance you’ll wind up selling it for far less than it’s worth.

2. New Car Insurance and Registration

If you decide to acquire a new automobile, you will have to pay additional fees for registration and insurance. Also, keep in mind the amount of time you’ll need to devote to the task, so choose wisely.

Pros of shipping your car

1. It is less expensive

It will be less expensive to export your automobile than to sell it. However, this only applies to you if you do not wish to buy a new automobile when you relocate. As previously said, selling and purchasing another automobile makes sense only if your current vehicle is in poor condition. Otherwise, you’re wasting money.

2. It’s more secure

It will not only keep you safe from accidents, but you will also feel more at ease knowing that your automobile is in the hands of professionals. There is no substitute for the competence of vehicle transport company drivers.

3. It saves both time and distance.

If you sell your automobile on your own, it is a complicated process that you will not have to go through if you ship it. You won’t have to spend much time thinking out the logistics because vehicle transport firms handle everything in their door-to-door service!

Cons of shipping a car

1. Increasing Overseas Shipping Costs

The expense of exporting your vehicles to another nation is significantly greater. In this case, you must also consider the expenses of insurance and registration for your automobile at your new address.

2. Damages Possibility

We know it’s incredibly unlikely, but with rapid climate changes, there’s always a chance. While your insurance will cover catastrophic damages, smaller damages such as paint chips may occur. So, if you own an antique or historic automobile, you should choose covered transportation, which is also more expensive.

Both shipping and selling your automobile offer their own perks, but the decision is entirely dependent on your strategy and situation. Plan ahead of time so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.

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