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Blackberry partners with Desay SV Automotive

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Blackberry Limited, an industry leader in enterprise software and IoT, recently announced that it has teamed up with Desay SV Automotive to launch a dual-screen virtual smart cabin domain controller to enable safer driving. Leveraging the QNX® Hypervisor and the QNX® Real-time operating system (RTOS), the new technology is now available on leading automaker Chery’s Tiggo 8 Plus and Jetour X90 Models. 

A Cinematic Experience

Developed and built on the Chery TIX platform, the Tiggo 8 Plus is Cherry’s flagship SUV. Moreover, the next-generation Jetour X90 is the brand’s first Jetour vehicle equipped with the L2 intelligent automated driving system, providing drivers and passengers with a cinematic experience while on the road. Both models are equipped with Desay SV’s latest smart cabin domain controller, built on the QNX Hypervisor. The QNX Hypervisor provides the trusted reliability and performance of the QNX® Neutrino RTOS, while also allowing multiple operating systems to safely co-exist and on the same system-on-a-chip (SOC).

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Integrated and Powerful Smart Cabin

Blackberry’s pedigree in safety, security, and continued innovation has led to its QNX technology being embedded in more than 175 million vehicles on the road today. John Wall, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of Blackberry Technology Solutions, believes that Desay Automotive is well-positioned to provide a smart cabin with a multi-sensory immersive experience due to its advanced technology and rapid application abilities. “Augmented with secure and reliable Blackberry QNX technology, together we can address the diverse needs of an auto industry that is undergoing rapid transformation,” he added. 

Blackberry’s technology can provide support to the innovative smart cabin of both models. Desay SV Automotive, on the other hand, is committed to the integration and innovation of a new human-machine interaction experience in the age of intelligence. Through the creation of advanced smart cabin solutions, Blackberry’s high-quality, cost-effective products are enabling a safer driving experience with smart drive systems. “We are excited to deepen our cooperation with Blackberry to jointly drive innovation in the automotive industry,” says Li Huang, General Manager of Technology Center at Desay SV Automobile.

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