Building Success: The Aristov Aleksandr Story

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Aristov Aleksandr was born in 1949 in Plast, Chelyabinsk, the son of a coal miner. His mother worked in a bookshop. Even in his early years, Aristov Aleksandr demonstrated great determination and a propensity for hard work. At 14 he took his first job as a carpenter, the earnings from which contributed significantly to running the family home. He combined this with attending evening school. 

In 1969, he became employed as a fitter in a workshop at the local Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. Within two years he was attending the Workers’ Faculty of the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. His first big break came in 1972 when Aristov Aleksandr showcased his commitment to self-improvement by joining the Mechanical and Technological Faculty at the same university. This decision reflected his devotion to advancing both his professional career and academic endeavors.

During his years at university, he actively participated in the work of student construction brigades. This is where his leadership and organizational skills, plus his ability to unite people, first became evident. Aristov Aleksandr recalls: “I acquired the construction materials, made all the arrangements for the projects, and we built everything ourselves.” After graduating from the Institute with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Aristov Aleksandr gave full vent to his expertise by overseeing the construction of various agricultural facilities, including cattle housings and grain silos.

In 1988, Aristov Aleksandr and a business partner founded the Energiya cooperative – the early foundation of what was to become the Ariant enterprise. Initially focused on producing consumer goods, they later shifted their focus to food production. By 1995, this shift led to the construction of the thriving Food Industry Center. Soon after, a sparkling wine plant was set up in Chelyabinsk, expanding operations to include the production of mineral table water and sweet carbonated water under the new Ariant brand. On the food side, meat, poultry, and meat by-products divisions were created, which underwent rapid growth and development. 

During the 2000s, Ariant significantly expanded its presence in the food industry markets, extending operations far beyond the Chelyabinsk region. In addition to meat production and beverages, the company ventured further into winemaking, this time in the Krasnodar region, acquiring 7000 hectares of vineyards, all the time collaborating with international enology specialists.

In 2020, he gradually stepped back from active involvement in managing the affairs of the company and today he acts as an expert consultant in the field of agribusiness, freeing up much of his time for immediate family affairs, particularly his grandchildren. 

Aristov Aleksandr has a daughter, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. In his leisure time he enjoys football, tennis, and is a seasoned traveller.

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