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Irene Ortiz-Glass

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Irene Ortiz-Glass, the Founder and CEO of Leadership Advisory Group, LLC, is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in Global Talent Management and General Management. Irene’s expertise lies in developing leaders and building high-performing teams. Irene is dedicated to helping Type-A executives grapple with overachievement and burnout. Her unique approach to executive coaching covers personal development, leadership growth, organizational management, and business execution.

One exceptional quality of Irene is her ability to connect. She is a compelling speaker who openly shares her personal journey, including her struggles with trauma, illness, depression, and anxiety. Irene talks about these challenges with honesty, shedding light on her own experiences. She is also deeply committed to wellness, nutrition, and leading a purposeful life.

In addition to coaching, Irene delivers impactful presentations on topics like “Finding Your Voice,” “The Power of Purpose,” “Beautifully Broken: A Struggle with Perfection,” and “Addiction to Adrenaline.” Through her talks, she ignites crucial conversations and inspires positive change.

In this cover story, we take an in-depth exploration of Irene Ortiz-Glass, her background, her philosophy, and her journey. Join us as we uncover the insights of a leader who combines practical business acumen with genuine care for people’s well-being.

A Dynamic Background from Consulting to Leadership

Irene initiated her education at Azusa Pacific University, where she earned a BA in Communications. She then pursued a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, which laid the foundation for her successful career.

In her professional journey, Irene gained valuable experience in different roles. She took on leadership responsibilities for Korn/Ferry’s Leadership and Talent practice in the Western Region, overseeing the global technology practice. Her expertise in executive assessment, coaching, and talent management became evident.

Irene’s path led her to SAP, where she assumed the role of Head of Global Talent. To enhance her skills she also accepted the role as leader of the On Premise HR business. This role provided insights into leadership, financial management, and the establishment of global teams.

Inspired by her experiences, Irene’s entrepreneurial spirit motivated her to establish the Leadership Advisory Group after her time at SAP. This marked a new phase in her career, where she combined her education, professional background, and passion to guide other leaders toward success.

A Purposeful Start: Nurturing Leaders at Leadership Advisory Group

In 2013, Leadership Advisory Group was established with a clear purpose: to help leaders thrive in life and work. This purpose drives their mission of creating a safe environment where leaders can engage in self-reflection and self-improvement and excel in their roles, all while leading a meaningful life.

What sets Leadership Advisory Group apart is its unique approach to executive coaching. They delve deeper, guiding leaders to explore their past, comprehend their present, and shape their future through self-awareness, reflection, and practical changes. Their coaching goes beyond business strategies, encompassing a comprehensive perspective that recognizes the intricacies of individuals’ lives.

Over the past five years, the conversations at Leadership Advisory Group have naturally expanded. While business-related topics remain fundamental, an increasing number of leaders seek guidance on a broader range of issues. The focus has broadened to encompass areas such as anxiety management, stress relief, family dynamics, and burnout prevention. “Yes, we talk about the business too, but in the context of the person.  I don’t know anyone else who is taking this approach,” states Irene.

Irene’s perspective perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the Leadership Advisory Group: “Our goal at the Leadership Advisory Group is to align the ‘person’ and the leader to help leaders thrive in life and work.” This mirrors their dedication to fostering a harmonious integration of personal growth and professional accomplishment.

Practical Services for Effective Leadership at Leadership Advisory Group

At Leadership Advisory Group, their services cater to a wide range of industries, with a primary focus on collaborating with Directors, VPs, Executives, and their teams. Their offerings aim to be inclusive and impactful, addressing the needs of leaders at varying levels.

An important annual program they host is the Women in Leadership initiative, tailored specifically for first-time Managers and Director-level women. This program holds the potential to drive significant change by equipping women with the skills and confidence needed to navigate their leadership roles.

Today, Leadership Advisory Group tackles the pressing challenges faced by its clients. These encompass managing stress and priorities, achieving a suitable work-life balance, and constructing effective teams. Leaders also seek guidance in assuming more strategic leadership roles, navigating organizational dynamics, and effectively engaging with stakeholders.

Leadership Advisory Group’s expertise particularly shines through when collaborating with executive teams. Their focus lies in creating a comprehensive framework that encompasses strategy, vision, mission, and goal alignment. This framework is designed to seamlessly permeate the organization, fostering unity and a shared sense of purpose.

Navigating Roles and Responsibilities with Expertise

Irene’s expertise encompasses collaborating with executive teams for strategic planning, organizational development, and change management. She also commits herself to nurturing high-potential female leaders, annually sponsoring women in leadership programs aimed at emerging talents.

As the Founder and CEO of Leadership Advisory Group, Irene leads by setting an example. She faces the same challenges as her clients: balancing diverse demands, overseeing a team, and maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Her strength lies in resilience management, a skill she practices daily using proven techniques.

Irene’s knowledge transcends leadership; she is a certified hormone practitioner, comprehending the intricate connections between the body, mindset, and its impact on leadership. Drawing from personal experiences, she has paved a path to guide others.

Her approach to team-building is founded on understanding the team’s fundamental energetic composition through a brain dominance assessment. By recognizing individual energy dynamics and guiding efficient energy usage, Irene introduces tools that empower teams to enhance execution through energy management.

In tackling gender disparities, Irene offers practical insights. Her coaching empowers women to focus on purpose, talents and navigating vulnerability, fostering advancement in leadership roles.

“I love what I do every day. There is not a thing I don’t love about my career; I know that sounds trite, but it’s true.” Irene candidly shares, reflecting her genuine passion and down-to-earth perspective.

Prioritizing Personal and Professional Well-Being

Irene highly values achieving a healthy work-life balance. Reflecting on the past, she acknowledges a shift in her perspective. In earlier times, work took precedence, often leaving little room for self-care and health practices. However, a turning point arrived with surgical menopause—a moment that ignited a powerful awakening. It served as a reminder to evolve not only as a leader but also as a woman, wife, and mother—to prioritize her health and happiness.

This realization prompted Irene to adopt a disciplined approach to her daily routine. Her schedule, self-care rituals, and health-conscious habits moved to the forefront. This deliberate prioritization empowers her to excel in her professional life while also thriving personally.

Listening to her body is a crucial aspect of Irene’s equilibrium-seeking strategy. When fatigue sets in, she seeks rest; when overwhelmed, she shifts toward organization and delegation. Beginning her days with prayer and meditation grounds her before diving into tasks. Irene strongly believes that our bodies communicate needs—a message we must heed.

“When I am tired, I find rest. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I begin to organize and delegate. I pray and meditate in the morning to find my center before I move into the full list of things on my plate. The body knows what it needs if you listen. We need more help here than ever before,” Irene emphasizes, shedding light on the collective need for a balanced approach to well-being.

Guidance for Emerging Women Leaders: Irene’s Insights

When it comes to guiding aspiring women leaders, Irene offers straightforward and valuable advice. She suggests starting by gaining clarity about their current life phase and aspirations. “Define your life purpose,” Irene recommends, assuring that this step is simpler than it may seem. She emphasizes the importance of viewing a career as just one part of life’s journey rather than the sole focus.

Moreover, Irene highlights the significance of aligning energy and time with personal purpose and values. By managing these aspects harmoniously, individuals can cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life. “Live on purpose!” Irene concludes, underscoring the value of leading life with intention.


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