Ann Arbor City Council Approved Detailed Study on Mobility in Lower Town Area

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The allocated budget will help the cause

City Council of Ann Arbor, Michigan authorized the study on mobility which is designed to look in-depth in the traffics issues in Ann Arbor. The council has allocated 649,478 US dollars for this project in the budget for the financial year 2020.

The money will help the administrators to examine lower towns, which consist of Pontiac Trail, Broadway Street, Plymouth Road, Moore Street, Wall Street, and Maiden Lane and set up mobility checkpoints in the area which is stated in the memorandum of the city.

The mobility study will include public transit routes, activities of cyclists and side walkers in the lower town area as the traffic is on the rise due to the school enrolment and heightened development work in the area. The City Council has sorted the help of Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment Inc. (OHM) for the assignment.

The study aims to solve the traffic problem

The project supposed to assemble data on accidents, necessities of the users, the problem faced by the daily pedestrian, traffic circulation, and alternative routes. This study will help the administrators to decide the future course of action.

In December 2017 council passed a resolution to look into the past studies of public transits, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in the lower town. The team of administrators reviewed the proposal and estimated the range and budget of the project.

The council was not happy with the price quoted by OHM on 18th October 2018 and decided to renegotiate the agreement in the contract. The contract amount was reduced and the draft was presented in front of the council in January 2019.

The resolution was approved in March this year and the city council has given 649, 478 US dollars for the maintenance and maintain the operations among the major routes of the city.



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