Apple Map update on corona vaccine

Hey Siri! “Where can I get a COVID vaccine?”

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Apple adds locations of vaccination centers to its map

Apple Map update on corona vaccine

The new Apple Map update is aimed to take a big leap towards the fight against the pandemic. Both Siri and the nearby feature will now be able to show the exact locations of the COVID-19 vaccination centers. This latest feature uses information provided by VaccineFinder, a free online service that has been developed by Boston Children’s Hospital.

The feature has rolled out with 20,000 sites initially, but Apple is set to increase the reach of the service in the coming weeks. They are also welcoming labs, healthcare providers, or other business owners to provide data on addresses, contacts, and working hours. Apple is also using other sources apart from VaccineFinder to enhance the information on its Map service.

These locations can be viewed simply by selecting COVID-19 in the ‘find nearby’ menu of the Apple Maps and also by voice command on Siri.

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How do I know if I have Coronavirus?

Apple has constantly been working to increase the ease of access for its users throughout the pandemic. In the past year, Apple Maps were also used to provide information on testing centers in the United States as well as overseas. Users in various parts of the world including Japan, Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan received that update. 

Siri is also continually being used to spread knowledge on COVID-19, with vital news and updates on Siri Audio Brief. It provides short podcasts from trusted news providers. It can also provide information on ‘Center’s of Disease Control’ if asked, “How do I know if I have Coronavirus?”

Exclusive Apple Map features

Apple updates useful information related to COVID-19 on the business placecards. The retailers can now display details on Apple Maps for more than 4,400 locations. The opening and closing times along with the info about take-away or special shopping hours can also be viewed. 

With this latest update, Apple has truly enhanced ‘simplicity’ for its users.

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