5 Ways That Clothing Can Affect Your Chances of Getting a Job

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Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that is driven by image. The impression people have of you when you first enter a room will largely have to do with how you present yourself. People make snap judgments based on other people’s clothing and appearance all the time, but it doesn’t necessarily have to work against you. Your appearance can also be a tool to showcase your personality and can even be a sign of competence. Being aware of the message you send through clothing and how to use it to mold people’s perceptions of you could come in handy during interviews. Here are a few ways that clothing can affect your chances of getting a job.

It Shows Alignment with Company Culture

Most companies want a cohesive group and people they’re going to be able to keep for a long time. If you arrive for an interview and what you’re wearing is clashing with the company’s dress code or culture, there’s a very strong chance that they’ll reject you for this alone. This means that you should study a company’s policy before going for an interview. An easy way to tell what the dress code at a company is, is to visit it incognito before an interview, or by checking their website. Try to find pictures of their team and emulate their style.

You also have to understand the different types of business attire. There’s a slight difference between business professional and business casual, for instance, and being slightly off might be an issue. Going for an interview with a company that has a business casual dress code, yet you’re dressed in business professional attire will not be that much of an issue, but the opposite might be a problem.

If you don’t quite understand the difference between business professional attire and business casual attire, you can check out Placement’s guide on the subject. It explains everything you need to know about the business professional style and how to nail it. You’ll also learn when business casual is appropriate along with some interesting facts on the effects of clothing on psychology.

Colors Convey Emotions

The colors you wear also make a difference in how people feel about you, and when you know which colors can trigger different emotions, you can use this to your advantage. Colors like black, for instance, show control and leadership, while colors like grey show independence. This is why you need to be careful to not wear too much black during interviews as it could come across as intimidating. Also, avoid grey for jobs that require a lot of team cooperation.

However, if you don’t know what color to wear, you cannot go wrong with blue. This is because it conveys confidence and trust. According to Business Insider, candidates have a greater chance of winning an interview when wearing navy blue than any other color. So, add at least a pop of blue into your attire or make it the main color if you want to increase your chances.

First Impressions are Everything

Interviewers may have to see hundreds and hundreds of candidates for one single job and will often try to weed out those who are not a good match as soon as possible to expedite the process. This means that a first bad impression may be enough to automatically disqualify you even if you have everything else.

Showing up with poor grooming or sloppy clothing choices is a surefire way to show that you simply don’t care or are disorganized. This is not something a company wants to see. If you’re going to wear a suit, then it would be a good idea to have it tailored. If you choose to wear something more casual, make sure that it’s clean, pressed, and properly fitted.

It Can Help Show Your Worth

Dressing well is a skill, and a skill most interviewers will appreciate. Knowing how to shine your shoes before an interview might not be a skill you need for the job, but it still shows a certain sense of awareness and attention to detail. So, if you want to show people that you have what it takes for the job without opening your mouth, learn how to dress properly.

It Can Increase Your Confidence

Last, but not least, what you wear could also affect how you view yourself and your level of confidence. There is evidence that people perform better when they look at the part. Dressing like the perfect candidate will allow you to not only gain the trust of the interviewer but also help you answer questions more confidently and show more poise.

As you can see, clothing has a major impact on your chances of landing a position after an interview. This is why it should be a priority for you and why you need to learn the fundamentals of proper style if you want to improve your job prospects.

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