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Protect Yourself From Storms: Top 7 Tips for High Wind Safety

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This post is going to cover some of the top tips for staying safe during a storm. We will discuss everything from what you should do if your area has been issued a tornado warning, to how to protect yourself and your family from high winds. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, it’s important that you take these precautions so that you can stay safe!

1. What to do if you are in a tornado warning

If you are in an area that has been issued a tornado warning, it’s important to take the proper precautions and know the ins and outs of high wind safety. The National Weather Service recommends getting into your car and driving away from any potential twisters! This may seem counterintuitive because most people would seek shelter if they were told there was a dangerous storm coming their way, but cars can travel much faster than most people can run. Plus, if the storm is particularly dangerous and you are caught outside when it hits, your best bet would be to drive away from its path as fast as possible!

If a tornado seems like it’s going to come too close for comfort or if you already have been stuck in traffic trying to get away from a storm, you should seek shelter in a sturdy building. However, make sure to stay away from windows and doors because the strong winds could blow them open or damage them! You can also head down into a basement or under a staircase if there is nothing else available for cover.

The most important thing to remember about tornadoes is that they are deadly. The US averages 52 tornadoes every year and the CDC reports that on average, 70 people die each year due to twisters . With numbers like these it’s important to take storm safety precautions seriously!

2. 10 Tips for staying safe during high winds

1) If you are going outside during a storm, make sure to protect yourself from the rain by wearing a thick coat and gloves.

2)You should also wear sturdy shoes that won’t fall off if there is heavy wind or rainfall. Make sure to cover your head with a hood as well! This will help keep you dry and warm during those cold winds.

3) If you are caught outside during a storm, try to take shelter in an office building or public place.

4) If your area is under a tornado warning and there isn’t anywhere safe nearby for cover, get into the nearest basement! Basements offer sturdy ground that won’t be blown away if high winds start coming through. Plus basements will protect you

5) If you are driving and get stuck in high winds, don’t stop on the road. Make sure to pull over somewhere safe like a parking lot or side of the street so that other cars can pass by safely.

6) During storms it’s important to stay away from trees and power lines: they could be blown onto your car which would cause serious damage.

7) Lastly, make sure to stay away from windows and doors because high winds could damage them or blow them open! You can also head down into a basement if there is nothing else available for cover.

3. Wrap up and Other precautions

W hat else can you do to stay safe during a storm? It’s important that if there is a chance of inclement weather, you should make sure your vehicle has an emergency kit in it. This way if something bad happens and you get stuck somewhere without food or water, at least the essentials will be available for when help arrives!

Also, many people don’t think about it until they need them, but you should make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case of emergencies. If the power goes out and you can’t use a landline to call for help or check weather updates, then at least your cellular data will be available!

If possible try not to go outside when there is lightning or thunder because if you are caught in either of these, it could result in serious injury.

You should also check your area’s forecast before heading out the door so that you can plan accordingly and bring necessary items with you! For example, if rain is predicted then make sure to pack an umbrella just in case. If there is a possibility of snowfall, then bring a hat and gloves so that your head and hands stay warm.

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