Znergy expands service HUB locations

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Znergy welcomes three new enterprise sales and service HUB locations in Missouri, Texas, and Florida

Znergy, Inc. is a provider of energy efficient lighting products, lighting controls and energy management solutions. Management is executing a growth strategy through developing large regional and national accounts, rolling out sales and installation teams across the United States. Our solutions enable customers to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and realize environmental benefits. It is headquartered in Syracuse, Indiana.

Sales and service extension

Znergy Chief Executive Officer, Dave Baker, commented, “While Znergy provides sales and service nationwide, we are delighted to have focused team locations on the ground in these great markets. We look forward to continually expanding our HUB locations in additional markets.”

Eugene Butler, Kansas City manager stated, “We are extremely excited in the Kansas City area and community to provide LED lighting solutions for local businesses. It has helped so many local people both with their businesses and customers, truly making a positive environmental impact, while making Kansas City overall a better place. We thank you Dave Baker and Znergy!”

Cary Baskin, Texas manager stated, “I’ve been involved for several years now and have watched the company grow to where it is today. Every business in America will upgrade its lighting to LED. The only difference is how soon they will convert and start saving money on utility and maintenance costs. Our great Texas team will continue to raise our contribution to the overall success of Znergy.”



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